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Download Latest ZTE USB Drivers and Installation Guide

You are probably wondering why you would need ZTE USB drivers. No matter what types of ZTE devices you have, you want to make sure that you have chosen the right driver to help you manage and arrange your mobile devices. So, what’s the deal about the driver, anyway? What’s the function and the handy tips to use it?

ZTE USB Drivers

ZTE Android USB Drivers

The matter of a USB driver is crucial when you want to connect your mobile device to your phone. Using the USB enables you to do several things, such as viewing your files and folders in your laptop or computer, transferring the data to your computer, backing up important data from the mobile devices to the computer, or synchronizing the data, files, and folders. Of course, you can always send those files away with Bluetooth or other wireless options, but connecting your mobile devices physically to your computers will be so much easier and also faster.

Here we have provided ZTE USB drivers for all models based on their model numbers.

Download Latest ZTE USB Drivers For All Devices

Model NameDownload
ZTE A880Driver
ZTE AmigoDriver
ZTE Anthem 4GDriver
ZTE AvailDriver
ZTE Avid 4 Z855Driver
ZTE Avid 4GDriver
ZTE Avid PlusDriver
ZTE Avid Plus Z828Driver
ZTE Avid Trio Z833Driver
ZTE AxonDriver
ZTE Axon 7Driver
ZTE Axon 7 A2017Driver
ZTE Axon 7 A2017GDriver
ZTE Axon 7 A2017UDriver
ZTE Axon 7 A2017XDriver
ZTE Axon 7 MaxDriver
ZTE Axon 7 miniDriver
ZTE Axon 7sDriver
ZTE Axon 9 ProDriver
ZTE Axon 10 ProDriver
ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5GDriver
ZTE Axon 10s Pro 5GDriver
ZTE Axon 11 5G A2021Driver
ZTE Axon EliteDriver
ZTE Axon LuxDriver
ZTE Axon MDriver
ZTE Axon MaxDriver
ZTE Axon Max C2016Driver
ZTE Axon MiniDriver
ZTE Axon ProDriver
ZTE BA510Driver
ZTE BA611CDriver
ZTE BA611TDriver
ZTE BladeDriver
ZTE Blade 2 V818Driver
ZTE Blade 20Driver
ZTE Blade A1 C880ADriver
ZTE Blade A2Driver
ZTE Blade A2 PlusDriver
ZTE Blade A2S V0721Driver
ZTE Blade A3Driver
ZTE Blade A3 2019Driver
ZTE Blade A5Driver
ZTE Blade A5 2019Driver
ZTE Blade A5 2020Driver
ZTE Blade A5 ProDriver
ZTE Blade A6Driver
ZTE Blade A6 A0620Driver
ZTE Blade A7Driver
ZTE Blade A7 2020Driver
ZTE Blade A7 Helio P60Driver
ZTE Blade A7 PrimeDriver
ZTE Blade A7 Vita A0722Driver
ZTE Blade A7sDriver
ZTE Blade 10 PrimeDriver
ZTE Blade 20 SmartDriver
ZTE Blade 20 V1050Driver
ZTE Blade A110Driver
ZTE Blade A310Driver
ZTE Blade A315 TelcelDriver
ZTE Blade A320Driver
ZTE Blade A450Driver
ZTE Blade A452Driver
ZTE Blade A460Driver
ZTE Blade A462Driver
ZTE Blade A465Driver
ZTE Blade A475Driver
ZTE Blade A476Driver
ZTE Blade A506Driver
ZTE Blade A510Driver
ZTE Blade A511Driver
ZTE Blade A515Driver
ZTE Blade A520Driver
ZTE Blade A521Driver
ZTE Blade A530Driver
ZTE Blade A570Driver
ZTE Blade A601Driver
ZTE Blade A606Driver
ZTE Blade A610Driver
ZTE Blade A610 PlusDriver
ZTE Blade A612Driver
ZTE Blade A622Driver
ZTE Blade A711Driver
ZTE Blade Apex 3Driver
ZTE Blade BuzzDriver
ZTE Blade C N880SDriver
ZTE Blade C V807Driver
ZTE Blade C V889MDriver
ZTE Blade C V889SDriver
ZTE Blade C2 PlusDriver
ZTE Blade C2 V809Driver
ZTE Blade C310Driver
ZTE Blade C340Driver
ZTE Blade C341Driver
ZTE Blade C370Driver
ZTE Blade D2 T620Driver
ZTE Blade D6Driver
ZTE Blade ForceDriver
ZTE Blade GDriver
ZTE Blade G LuxDriver
ZTE Blade G Plus V829Driver
ZTE Blade G V815WDriver
ZTE Blade G V880GDriver
ZTE Blade G2Driver
ZTE Blade GF3 T320Driver
ZTE Blade II V880 PlusDriver
ZTE Blade IIIDriver
ZTE Blade III ProDriver
ZTE Blade L2Driver
ZTE Blade L2 PlusDriver
ZTE Blade L2 Single SIMDriver
ZTE Blade L3Driver
ZTE Blade L3 ApexDriver
ZTE Blade L3 LifeDriver
ZTE Blade L3 LiteDriver
ZTE Blade L3 PlusDriver
ZTE Blade L4 ProDriver
ZTE Blade L5Driver
ZTE Blade L5 PlusDriver
ZTE Blade L5 Plus L0510Driver
ZTE Blade L7Driver
ZTE Blade L8Driver
ZTE Blade L110Driver
ZTE Blade L130Driver
ZTE Blade L370Driver
ZTE Blade Max ViewDriver
ZTE Blade Max View Z610DLDriver
ZTE Blade Plus L2Driver
ZTE Blade QDriver
ZTE Blade Q LuxDriver
ZTE Blade Q Lux 3GDriver
ZTE Blade Q MaxiDriver
ZTE Blade Q MiniDriver
ZTE Blade Q1Driver
ZTE Blade Q3Driver
ZTE Blade Qlux 4GDriver
ZTE Blade S6Driver
ZTE Blade S6 PlusDriver
ZTE Blade S7Driver
ZTE Blade Spark Z971Driver
ZTE Blade SuperDriver
ZTE Blade T2 Z559DLDriver
ZTE Blade VDriver
ZTE Blade V PlusDriver
ZTE Blade V UltraDriver
ZTE Blade V0720Driver
ZTE Blade V5 V993WDriver
ZTE Blade V6Driver
ZTE Blade V6 PlusDriver
ZTE Blade V6 T660Driver
ZTE Blade V7Driver
ZTE Blade V7 LiteDriver
ZTE Blade V7 MaxDriver
ZTE Blade V7 PlusDriver
ZTE Blade V8Driver
ZTE Blade V8 LiteDriver
ZTE Blade V8 MiniDriver
ZTE Blade V8 ProDriver
ZTE Blade V8 SEDriver
ZTE Blade V9Driver
ZTE Blade V9 VitaDriver
ZTE Blade V10Driver
ZTE Blade V10 VitaDriver
ZTE Blade V580Driver
ZTE Blade V993WDriver
ZTE Blade VecDriver
ZTE Blade Vec 3GDriver
ZTE Blade Vec 4GDriver
ZTE Blade Vec 4G T50Driver
ZTE Blade Vec ProDriver
ZTE Blade XDriver
ZTE Blade X3Driver
ZTE Blade X5Driver
ZTE Blade X7Driver
ZTE Blade X9Driver
ZTE Blade Z MaxDriver
ZTE Blade Z10Driver
ZTE Boost Max PlusDriver
ZTE C570Driver
ZTE Citrine LTEDriver
ZTE Concord II Z730Driver
ZTE Cricket ZT40GDriver
ZTE DirectorDriver
ZTE e-Learning Pad E9QDriver
ZTE E10QDriver
ZTE E9Q PlusDriver
ZTE EraDriver
ZTE FlashDriver
ZTE Flip 2 T21Driver
ZTE FTV PhoneDriver
ZTE G601UDriver
ZTE G717CDriver
ZTE G718CDriver
ZTE G719CDriver
ZTE G720TDriver
ZTE G882Driver
ZTE Geek V975Driver
ZTE Geek V976Driver
ZTE Grand Era U895Driver
ZTE Grand MemoDriver
ZTE Grand Memo 2 M901CDriver
ZTE Grand Memo II LTEDriver
ZTE Grand Memo Lite P189F13Driver
ZTE Grand Memo U5SDriver
ZTE Grand Memo V9815Driver
ZTE Grand SDriver
ZTE Grand S FlexDriver
ZTE Grand S IIDriver
ZTE Grand S II LTEDriver
ZTE Grand S II S291Driver
ZTE Grand S LiteDriver
ZTE Grand S ProDriver
ZTE Grand S3Driver
ZTE Grand X INDriver
ZTE Grand X LTE T82Driver
ZTE Grand X Max 2Driver
ZTE Grand X Max PlusDriver
ZTE Grand X Plus Z826Driver
ZTE Grand X ProDriver
ZTE Grand X Pro BladeSuperDriver
ZTE Grand X Quad V987Driver
ZTE Grand X V970Driver
ZTE Grand X V970MDriver
ZTE Grand X View 2Driver
ZTE Grand X Z777Driver
ZTE Grand X2Driver
ZTE Grand X2 InDriver
ZTE Grand X3Driver
ZTE Grand X4 Z956Driver
ZTE Grand XmaxDriver
ZTE Groove X501Driver
ZTE HawkeyeDriver
ZTE Iconic PhabletDriver
ZTE ImperialDriver
ZTE Imperial IIDriver
ZTE Jay E8QPDriver
ZTE Kis II MaxDriver
ZTE Kis III V790Driver
ZTE Kis 3Driver
ZTE Kis 3 MaxDriver
ZTE Kis C341Driver
ZTE Kis QDriver
ZTE Kis V788Driver
ZTE LibraDriver
ZTE Light Tab 2 V9ADriver
ZTE Light Tab 3 V9SDriver
ZTE Light Tab 300Driver
ZTE Light Tab V9CDriver
ZTE MajestyDriver
ZTE Majesty Pro Z798BLDriver
ZTE MavenDriver
ZTE Maven 2Driver
ZTE Maven 3 Z835Driver
ZTE Maven Z812Driver
ZTE Max Duo LTE Z963VLDriver
ZTE Max XLDriver
ZTE Max XL N9560Driver
ZTE MaxxDriver
ZTE Maxx Dual SIMDriver
ZTE Maxx Single SIMDriver
ZTE Meo Smart A40Driver
ZTE MF920VDriver
ZTE Mighty 3C N928DTDriver
ZTE MX401Driver
ZTE N721Driver
ZTE N817Driver
ZTE N818Driver
ZTE N880EDriver
ZTE N910Driver
ZTE N958st V5 MaxDriver
ZTE Nova 3.5Driver
ZTE Nova 4 V8000Driver
ZTE Nubia AlphaDriver
ZTE Nubia M2Driver
ZTE Nubia M2 LiteDriver
ZTE Nubia M2 PlayDriver
ZTE Nubia My PragueDriver
ZTE Nubia N1Driver
ZTE Nubia N1 LiteDriver
ZTE Nubia N1 Lite NX597JDriver
ZTE Nubia N2Driver
ZTE nubia N3Driver
ZTE Nubia N5SDriver
ZTE Nubia Prague SDriver
ZTE nubia Red MagicDriver
ZTE Nubia Red Magic 3Driver
ZTE Nubia Red Magic 3 NX629JDriver
ZTE Nubia Red Magic 3S NX629JDriver
ZTE Nubia Red Magic 5GDriver
ZTE Nubia Red Magic 5G NX659JDriver
ZTE Nubia Red Magic Mars NX619JDriver
ZTE nubia V18Driver
ZTE Nubia V18 NX612JDriver
ZTE Nubia X NX616JDriver
ZTE Nubia X 5GDriver
ZTE Nubia X6Driver
ZTE Nubia Z11Driver
ZTE nubia Z11 MaxDriver
ZTE Nubia Z11 Max NX523JDriver
ZTE Nubia Z11 MiniDriver
ZTE nubia Z11 Mini SDriver
ZTE Nubia Z17Driver
ZTE Nubia Z17 LiteDriver
ZTE Nubia Z17 Lite Mini SDriver
ZTE Nubia Z17 MiniDriver
ZTE Nubia Z17 Mini SDriver
ZTE Nubia Z17sDriver
ZTE nubia Z18Driver
ZTE nubia Z18 miniDriver
ZTE Nubia Z20 NX627JDriver
ZTE Nubia Z5Driver
ZTE Nubia Z5SDriver
ZTE Nubia Z5S Mini KKDriver
ZTE Nubia Z5S Mini NX403ADriver
ZTE Nubia Z5S Mini NX405HDriver
ZTE Nubia Z5S NX503ADriver
ZTE Nubia Z7Driver
ZTE Nubia Z7 MaxDriver
ZTE Nubia Z7 MiniDriver
ZTE Nubia Z7 Mini NX507JDriver
ZTE Nubia Z9Driver
ZTE nubia Z9 MaxDriver
ZTE Nubia Z9 MiniDriver
ZTE ObsidianDriver
ZTE Obsidian Z820Driver
ZTE Open C FirefoxDriver
ZTE OptikDriver
ZTE Paragon Z753GDriver
ZTE PF100Driver
ZTE PF112 HDDriver
ZTE PF200Driver
ZTE PrestigeDriver
ZTE Prestige N9132Driver
ZTE Q201TDriver
ZTE Q302CDriver
ZTE Q501TDriver
ZTE Q507TDriver
ZTE Q507T 4GDriver
ZTE Q509TDriver
ZTE Q519TDriver
ZTE Q7-CDriver
ZTE Q802TDriver
ZTE Quest N817Driver
ZTE QY N986Driver
ZTE RacerDriver
ZTE Racer IIDriver
ZTE RacerIIDriver
ZTE Redbull V5 U9180Driver
ZTE Redbull V5 V9180Driver
ZTE ReefDriver
ZTE S8QDriver
ZTE S158Driver
ZTE ScoreDriver
ZTE Score MDriver
ZTE SkateDriver
ZTE Skate AcquaDriver
ZTE Sonata 2Driver
ZTE Sonata 3Driver
ZTE Sonata 4GDriver
ZTE Spark R84Driver
ZTE SpeedDriver
ZTE Stake 2 V967SDriver
ZTE Star 1Driver
ZTE Star 2Driver
ZTE Stratos Z819LDriver
ZTE Style QDriver
ZTE Switch X1Driver
ZTE Switch X2Driver
ZTE T98Driver
ZTE T230Driver
ZTE T520 DigicelDriver
ZTE T520 INDriver
ZTE T520 MYDriver
ZTE T815Driver
ZTE T816Driver
ZTE Telstra Lite Smart L111Driver
ZTE Telstra T790Driver
ZTE Tempo GoDriver
ZTE Tempo XDriver
ZTE Trek 2 HD K88Driver
ZTE Trek 2 HD LTE K88Driver
ZTE TureisDriver
ZTE Tureis P725ADriver
ZTE U791Driver
ZTE U793Driver
ZTE U795Driver
ZTE U807Driver
ZTE U809Driver
ZTE U817Driver
ZTE U818Driver
ZTE U819Driver
ZTE U879Driver
ZTE U880EDriver
ZTE U880F1Driver
ZTE U887Driver
ZTE U900Driver
ZTE U950Driver
ZTE U950 BetaDriver
ZTE U956Driver
ZTE U968Driver
ZTE U969Driver
ZTE U985Driver
ZTE U988SDriver
ZTE V0721Driver
ZTE V5 LuxDriver
ZTE V5 Pro N939SCDriver
ZTE V5 Pro N939STDriver
ZTE V5 U9180Driver
ZTE V5 V9180Driver
ZTE V9Driver
ZTE V9 PlusDriver
ZTE V81Driver
ZTE V96Driver
ZTE V760Driver
ZTE V765MDriver
ZTE V765M Dtac TrinetDriver
ZTE V769MDriver
ZTE V769M Caribe 4Driver
ZTE V779MDriver
ZTE V793 T-20Driver
ZTE V795LDriver
ZTE V812Driver
ZTE V818Driver
ZTE V8200 PlusDriver
ZTE V821Driver
ZTE V830WDriver
ZTE V831WDriver
ZTE V875Driver
ZTE V880EDriver
ZTE V887Driver
ZTE V889Driver
ZTE V889MDriver
ZTE v889sDriver
ZTE V975Driver
ZTE V987Driver
ZTE V988Driver
ZTE Vision R2Driver
ZTE Vital N9810Driver
ZTE Vtelca 186Driver
ZTE WarpDriver
ZTE Warp 4GDriver
ZTE Warp 7Driver
ZTE Warp Elite N9518Driver
ZTE Warp SequentDriver
ZTE X9180Driver
ZTE Xiaoxian A880Driver
ZTE Young 2 G717CDriver
ZTE Z557Driver
ZTE Z6201VDriver
ZTE ZFive 2 LTE Z837VLDriver
ZTE ZFive C Lite Z558VLDriver
ZTE ZFive G LTE Z557BLDriver
ZTE ZingerDriver
ZTE ZMaxDriver
ZTE ZMax 2Driver
ZTE ZMax 2 Z955LDriver
ZTE ZMax ProDriver

Android USB Driver For Windows 7 Free Download

In the event that you can’t manage the manual download and installation, feel free to use DriverTalent. It is an app that can manage everything automatically. With this app alone, you don’t have to worry about the manual method because DriverTalent will do it for you! Pretty handy, huh?

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Watch Video Tutorial About Android USB Driver

How do I install ZTE USB drivers?

The steps shown above are the general steps to install the ZTE USB drivers. However, some of the beginner users are probably confused with the detailed step-by-step procedures. Not all users are familiar with the basic systems of how the software works – or how to manage the installation. So, here it goes!

  • Although there are many website sources that you can consult for the download link, you can always go to the official ZTE website.
  • Find your device’s name or number in the event that you don’t really know your device’s numbers or numbers. They DO provide the search option so you can check about your device
  • Once you know your device’s name and number, you need to check for the operating system’s information so you know which drivers will be suitable for your operation. If you already find it, you will find the EXE button in the right-side area. You can click on it.
  • You will see a popup window with the ‘Global Download Center’ title on it. Click on the SEND button.
  • You will see the downloaded popup window. Go with SAVE and then install the process.
  • Run it. Simply follow the provided directions until the process completes.
  • Restart your computer. By this time, you should be able to use the driver and manage it between the mobile device and your computer.