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Windows 8 News

After triumphing with Windows 7, Microsoft has set to work fully in what will be the new operating system of the Redmond factory. At the moment, it has been called Windows 8 and the first snapshots have been seen in an internal presentation for Microsoft employees. The leak has revealed some details that we can already move forward and that promise to be included in the new Microsoft operating system. One of the most important features has to do with the fact that Windows 8 can adapt to desktops and laptops, but also to new emerging media: tablets.

Windows 8 Update

Windows 8 news

And we move towards the touch. It seems that Windows 8 will already be an operating system tailored to touch media. Following the trail of its predecessor Windows 7, the user is expected to expressly interact through a tactile platform, something that will facilitate the management of work for many users. But there is no doubt that this was an expected detail. What has surprised us most is the incorporation of a facial recognition system for users, technology inspired by the Kinect system that will work through Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

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