Why DVD/CD-ROM Drive Cannot Read CDs?

Many people have experienced such problems:

I insert my CD in DVD/CD-ROM drive and double click the CD-ROM in My Computer, but it says please put in disk although there still a CD inside the drive!

My DVD/CD-ROM cannot read CDs and keeps making a skipping sound.

If you face the same issue of not knowing why a CD-ROM drive cannot read discs, here I will guide you through what may be causing it and provide corresponding solutions.

1. The disc has no data, has gone bad, or has been poisoned

Read the same CD on a known working drive, if it cannot works mean CD is the key issue. If it works, you can eliminate the disk’s problem.

2. The CD Drive isn’t plugged in

Check the IDE cable on the back of the drive and make sure it is firmly seated on the motherboard and on the device. If it comes loose, reseat it. It may sometimes do the trick.

3. Do not have the latest driver for DVD/CD-ROM

You may forget to download the driver for CD-ROM after you reinstall the system, or you do not update your CD-ROM driver. Open the “Device Manager” and find if there is a yellow exclamation mark in the list, if so, you can try these two ways below to solve the issue.

  • Search the CD-ROM driver on drive manufacturer’s websites, care must be taken not to download the wrong model for your drive.
  • Fix download a driver download software to help you get the latest CD Driver.

Tips: I know a popular and professional software for driver updates, if you don’t know how to download the correct and latest CD-ROM Driver, click Driver Detective (For Windows) to download it and use it to install CD-ROM Driver onto your computer.

4. CD-ROM drive is trashed or has gone bad

  • Fix on sound on Asus vista maybe the DVD/CD-ROM is dusty, you need to remove dust from the lens. You can use a commercial lens-cleaner CD to clean the drive.
  • Fix on sound on Asus vista If you don’t know how to clean the laser lens, you can take it to a professional, just need a trifling sum.
  • Fix on sound on Asus vista If all these still don’t help, replace the CD-ROM drive with a new one.

It may quite a journey to solve why CD-ROM drive cannot read CDs, but I hope the solutions help, thanks.

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