What to Do if Installing Sound Blaster Live Drivers Give You a No-Playback Issue

Sound Blaster Live drivers are add-on PCI soundcards from Creative Laboratories’ long string of developed hard wares. In this growing hype of media and gaming, a sound card has become a regular part of outfitting a computer. A busted sound card such as Sound Blaster Live will not only cause your audio to act funny but it can also totally disable it.

What to Do if Installing Sound Blaster Live Drivers Give You a No-Playback Issue

Driver SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 Download

Any kind of machine that undergoes overheating can pose a great threat, not only to the hardware but for the PC itself. Thanks for fans and heat sinks. This problem is easily avoided. But then again, there are instances when a user has all the heat-absorbing devices but still experience issues when it comes to their hardware or sound cards in this case.


Sometimes, even after installing Sound Blaster Live drivers, you will experience no audio playback at all. This may be due to incompatible configurations and settings from your computer to the sound card driver, or an outdated driver needs some patching up.

How do I update Sound Blaster Live drivers?

You can visit the product’s website and check out if there are any updates available for Sound Blaster Live drivers. Manufacturers do regular tweaking and modifications of their drivers and any lack thereof will pose an issue when it comes to usability.

Finding the Right Sound Blaster Live drivers is such a pain. What do I do?

You can do all the work manually by typing to your search engine the name of the product driver you need. This may be a long process and sometimes dangerous so make sure that you only download from trusted sites.

Fortunately, there are automatic driver scanners available at hand. Automatic driver scanners, as the name suggests scans your computer for all the drivers that need to be updated and patched. No need to wander through potentially harmful websites because driver scanners take the job of finding the right driver, not to mention its capability to install it by itself, saving you from viruses and effort as well.

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