Samsung Kies Download for Windows (Easy Installation Guide)

With the latest from Samsung Kies, we’ve added powerful new features that will put you in full control of your mobile with just a few clicks.

What is Samsung Kies?

Samsung Kies is a program that allows you to fully manage your Samsung mobile from a computer. You can manage your multimedia files (music, videos, photos), manage your contacts, your calendar, and your system updates. operation in a few clicks.

Samsung Kies

Why Choose Samsung Kies?

1 Posting photos
Simply drag and drop your photos and video files to post them to Samsung Kies supported web services including Youtube and Flickr
2 Data backup
Samsung Kies allows you to save all your data (emails, SMS, contacts) from your computer
Mobile Organization
It is easier from a PC to organize your files. With the clean interface of Samsung Kies, you have the possibility to manage the contents of your mobile efficiently.
4 Multimedia Management
Samsung Kies similar to iTunes allows synchronization of multimedia content – videos, music, photos, or others.

How to Download Samsung Kies?

This is the essential program to have for your Samsung Galaxy S mobile (Android) or Samsung Wave (Bada). Manage your mobile with your computer with confidence. You can download Samsung Kies for free from the link provided above

 Download Samsung Kies Free! Samsung Kies For Windows, Samsung Kies For Mac, Samsung Kies Linux
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