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Retrieve Lost Files from Flash Drive

Flash drives are a small digital storage device that contains flash memory which is used to store different types of data files like pictures, documents, video recordings, movies, and various other files. These are flash drive are manufactured by various companies like Kingston, Transcend, HP, Sony, SanDisk and many more. Flash drives are commonly known as key drives, thumb drives, and pen drives and are so portable that you can carry it freely anywhere from one place another. They are made available in different sizes and shapes based on their files storing capacity and you can transfer the files from these flash drives to or from the computer by just plugging the drive to the USB port.

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As none of the products is secure in this world, one or the other day users face data loss situations as a result of variable factors among which some remain unknown and other common reasons are formatting, corruption, deletion, software glitches, etc. We often see that after losing files due to any reason most of the users start to Google in different blogs and forums that “Can I retrieve lost files from flash drive”? Relax as here is the best solution for all of your data loss queries!!! Give a try for USB flash drive recovery toolkit that can easily rescue missing files from USB flash drive within a fraction of time.

Assume one common file loss case:

Think about a condition in which suddenly your computer gets frozen while moving files from your flash drive onto the computer. After such a terrible situation, a lot of you people opt for turning the system off by pressing up the power button forcefully. Later when you switched on the computer and reconnected that flash drive, you were really shocked after seeing that all the crucial files from flash drives were missing. Are you panicked and wondering how to get back missing flash drive files??? Have patience and leave all your worries as the technology has developed the most effective and accurate restoration tool that helps you to tackle such a data loss situation. USB flash drive recovery software is one such effective application that retrieves lost flash drive files. Using this recovery tool you can even recover accidentally deleted pictures off a flash drive.

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However, you should be familiar with plenty of other reasons which are accountable for the loss of valuable files from a flash drive.

Scenarios under which data files from Flash drive might go missing:

  • There are cases in which to free up some memory space in the flash drive, people go for moving some of the files from the flash drive to the hard disk of the computer. They might use cut and paste options in order to transfer the data files. For transferring files, you may select a cut option and rather than choosing paste option, accidentally you would select delete option and end up losing all the crucial files stored on a flash drive.
  • When you connect the healthy flash drive to some virus-infected system then the harmful viruses would easily enter into your healthy device and corrupt its file system. If the file system of your flash drive gets damaged then you will not allow the users to view their files causing huge loss of significant files residing inside it. But, using the USB flash drive recovery program you can efficiently perform corrupted USB flash drive recovery in few simple steps. Just browse around this website https://uptodrivers.com/retrieve-data-from-corrupted-usb-flash-drive/ to know how this utility actually functions and regains files from the flash drive after corruption.
  • Improperly ejecting the flash drive from the computer in between the file transfer process will generate file transfer errors and might corrupt your flash drive. After the corruption of the flash drive, it would not let you access the stored files making them unusable. Hence, all the files from the flash drive would be lost.
  • Deletion of data files from flash drive on your Windows or Mac computer using “Shift + delete” keys or “Command+Delete” keys will not move the erased file to their respective deleted items folders i.e. Recycle Bin or Trash instead it bypasses the file resulting in loss of files permanently.

Various other reasons for file loss from the flash drive are power outages, formatting, using the same flash drive from a long time to store files, etc. USB flash drive recovery utility is the one-stop answer for all the above-explained data loss situations. It is suggested not to add any new files onto a flash drive in order to avoid overwriting of lost files and increasing the chances of file recovery. For overcoming the data loss conditions you can create a backup copy of important data files so that the files can be recovered using the backup copy.

In case you don’t have a backup copy, then need not panic and try our recovery tool. This tool helps in retrieving the essential file irrespective of its file format as it uses an inbuilt scanning mechanism that scans the entire flash drive, identifies the file type and rescues file using their file attribute. Using this recovery tool you can even recover accidentally deleted pictures off a flash drive of various brands such as Transcend, Seagate, Kingston, SanDisk, etc.

You can run this utility to carry out lost file recovery on Windows computer with Windows 7, XP, Vista and Windows 8. You can run this application on several other storage devices like the computer’s hard disk, memory card, external HDD, iPods, etc. The software supports recovery USB flash drive files on Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, and above Mac operating system versions. Check this link: https://uptodrivers.com/usb-flash-drive-recovery-on-mac to grasp complete information about this restoration toolkit. The software manual is user-friendly and can be used without taking any professional help.

Easy steps to use this rescue tool:

Step1: Plug in your flash drive from where the lost files are to be restored to the computer via USB port. Download the trial version of the software and do the installation on the hard disk of your system. Now run the application and select the “Recover Files” option that you get on the main screen as depicted in Figure 1.


Figure 1: Main Screen

Step2: Then you will get an option to recover deleted or lost files and you have to choose “Recover Lost Files” in order to retrieve lost files from a flash drive as depicted in Figure2.


Figure 2: Select option

Step3: After selecting the option, a list of logical drives will be displayed from where you have to choose the flash drive and click on “Next’ which starts the file restoration process as depicted in Figure 3.

Hard Drive

Figure 3: Select Drive

Step4: On completion of the file retrieval process, you can view the recovered files by making use of the “Preview” option and then you can save the rescued file in a new destination by selecting the “Save Recovery Session” option as depicted in Figure 4.


Figure 4: Save Recovered File

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