How to Retrieve Lost Files from USB Flash Drive?

A USB Flash drive also known as Universal Serial Bus is a popular way to store digital information. Flash drives are the easiest way to share information or data and are often used with devices found in homes, workplaces and schools, etc. They are called flash drive called they use flash memory which is a type of computer chips to store files. The very first flash drive had 8 megabyte capacity of storage. It can also have a storage capacity of 2 TB. Another common name of the flash drive includes a pen drive, key drive, thumb drive, jump drive, and MemoryStick, etc.

USB flash drives have certain advantages over other portable storage devices as they are physically much smaller and rugged than other storage devices. The large storage capacity of newer flash drive indicates that they have designed especially for maintaining a backup. These devices are cheaper than any other backup storage medium and are less fragile mechanically and magnetically than tapes.

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Let us consider a situation where missing backup can create great havoc for the users. The user may come across a scenario when he goes to the net café to save his job files which are about 7 pages. The disaster happens when he plugs in his USB flash drive into the computer and it detects malware. The already installed anti-virus deletes the malware and the user gets very happy. Later he finds that his entire file has vanished into the ether. This puts the user into a jaw-dropping scenario. The user thinks which USB flash drive recovery program should he use to recover missing files from a USB drive. He gets confused seeing all the different software. If you have ever come across such a disastrous situation then you are on the right page. This article gives you a brief idea of lost scenarios along with a way to restore missing files from a USB drive.

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You can easily download the missing file recovery software from this site. It’s free to use. It becomes a matter of concern especially for Mac users as Mac has a strong built-in design so all software is not easily run in it. Have you ever thought of it if you delete files from USB on your Mac OS then how to recover files from USB flash drive on Mac? Don’t be worried more. This software is the ultimate product as it supports both your Windows and Mac-based Operating System thereby recovers all the lost files from an external flash drive without taking much of your time. Because of the above-stated features, this software is the best option for those USB drive users who are still wondering how to retrieve missing files from a USB drive.

Scenarios where you might need to recover missing files from USB drive:

Your files in the USB drive may be lost because of certain reasons such as:

  • File system Conversion: When there is an error in the procedure of converting the file system of a particular file, there can huge file loss on your system’s partition and also from an external drive.  Sometimes user tries to change the file type of a particular file like from NTFS to FAT, or vice-versa and even sometimes from NTFS to HFS, without being aware of the actual conversion procedure. Once the file system of the USB drive gets corrupt you can’t fetch data from it. To overcome this critical situation you need the help of a flash drive recovery tool to restore missing files from USB drive after improper file system conversion.

  • Software Malfunction: It is also possible that your USB drive gets corrupted due to excessive exposure to an unauthenticated third application tool. Now you can also rescue data from corrupted USB flash drive within a fraction of time, thereby regain all missing files from your storage media.

  • Improper Ejection: Abrupt removal of the USB device while transferring the files from it to a computer or vice-versa can result in huge data loss along with the deletion of files too. Did you get stuck in a similar situation? Don’t know how to retrieve lost files from USB flash drive? Then immediately download and use a flash drive recovery tool. It is the most preferable app to recover missing files from USB drives.

  • Synchronization error: Improper synchronization method may also leave your external storage media dead or corrupted. Also, user’s data damaged can be invited crediting to a collision between external data import and their local machine, thereby deteriorating original files. How to retrieve lost files from USB flash drive after synchronization error is the most common question posed by USB drive users in different forums.

Other serious reasons can be when a user forgets to unplug the device from the USB port and shuts down the system when there are power surge issues i.e; when the local machine freezes suddenly while transferring is still going on and improper handling of the USB storage device. All such data loss issues can be easily handled with a flash drive recovery tool. Using this app anyone can effectively restore missing files from a USB drive.

A unique feature of this Recovery tool:

Using this software kit we can even undelete files from USB that got deleted from the USB drive due to human errors or some other logical reasons. It restores missing files from USB drive only in few steps. USB drive recovery tool is designed with easy to use interface so that even a non-technical person can recover missing files from a USB drive without facing any difficulty. More to this, it can identify and recover up to 300 different file types, in addition to it we can add different signatures of the file that are not included in it.

Guidelines to recover missing files from USB drive:

Step1: Download and install the trial version of this software in your system to restore missing files from a USB drive. Launch the program by double-clicking the desktop shortcut and then select “Recover Files” option from the main screen and proceed further.


Step2: After selecting “Recover Files” option, a new window appears. The new screen provides you an option to restore the deleted/lost files option. Select the “Recover Lost Files” option and proceed to the next step.


Step3: Now, select the physical / logical disk image of the hard drive from where you want to start the data recovery process. As you select the drive, the software rigorously scans the entire disk image and recovers the data.

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Step4: If you are satisfied with the recovery process you can now “Preview” the recovered photo file and save the recovered file into a new destination folder by selecting the option “Save Recovery Session“.



In order to avoid file loss situation, it is recommended to maintain a backup for all important files. Once discovering that there is a file loss on your system it is advised to stop using external storage media such as USB drives and not to perform any read / write operation to prevent file overwriting.

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