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Reasons for Radeon Graphics Driver Failures and How to Prevent Them

The ATI Radeon is the flagship of the ATI graphics card. Its success is on eye-level with NVidia and is lined as one of the most leading companies to manufacture not only graphic cards but other computer peripherals as well. But then again, even the most successful manufacturers cannot make a perfect device. Like any other drivers, the Radeon graphics driver needs to be updated from time to time, as this will prevent malfunctions not only on the graphic card’s part but for the computer itself.

Reasons for Radeon Graphics Driver Failures and How to Prevent Them


A Change of Operating System

Whether you are fixing a problem of some sort, or just decided to change operating systems for better features, keep in mind that any driver has the tendency to malfunction if you changed OS. This is an example of an incompatibility problem. Your Radeon graphics driver then needs to be updated into a form that is suitable for the new OS that you are using.

Illegal Shutdown and Viruses

There is a reason why you have to shut down your computer in the correct manner. Once you shut down your system, it gradually “turns off” all programs (this explains why it takes a little bit time when shutting down) to prevent corruption. Also, viruses, spyware, and other “dangerous files” can penetrate through your drivers, including your Radeon graphics driver and cause them to become unstable, hence resulting in poor functionality.

Outdated Drivers

An outdated driver, such as a Radeon graphics driver becomes weak over time. This is because as the manufacturers do regular modifications and tweaking, they fix glitches and bugs related to your device. These glitches and bugs can cause minor to major problems if not fixed immediately. In order for you to keep your drivers up to date, it is important to regularly check for new versions on your manufacturer’s website. Update your drivers by manually looking for them or by using a driver scanner (which is highly recommended) to automatically check all your device drivers that need to be updated.

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