Printer Test Page, Color Printer Test Page

In the figure, a printer is a fringe that makes an industrious comprehensible representation of illustrations or content on paper or comparative physical media. The two most basic printer instruments are high contrast laser printers utilized for normal records and shading inkjet printers which can create great photo yield.

The fast upgrade of web email through the 1990s and into the 2000s has to a great extent dislodged the requirement for printing as a method for moving reports, and a wide assortment of solid stockpiling frameworks implies that a “physical reinforcement” is of little advantage today. Indeed, even the craving for printed yield for “disconnected from the net perusing” while on mass travel or flying machine has been uprooted by digital book perusers and tablet PCs. Today, customary printers are being utilized more for exceptional purposes, such as printing photos or craftsmanship, and are no more an unquestionable requirement have fringe.

Beginning around 2010, 3D printing turned into a territory of extraordinary enthusiasm, permitting the production of physical articles with the same kind of exertion as an early laser printer required to deliver a pamphlet. These gadgets are in their most punctual phases of advancement and have not yet got to be ordinary.

Printer Test Page, Color Printer Test Page

Print Test Page, Color Printer Test Page For Widows, Mac Os X, and Linux

The menu is used if you want to print test a page, or color test page using sample data from the Printer Driver. Typically only used for a test print.

Printing Preferences

Printing preferences contain setting a basis of a printer. Starting from the selection of paper type, paper size, some of the effects of images, the grayscale mode can all be accessed via the printing preferences. But most of these are not in use because we can set it all through the Page Setup of the software that we use to do the editing.


On the menu tabs at the top are sharing. The menu is used if we want to use the printer in a network. These commands can also be accessed by right-clicking on the printer, then there will be a sub-menu sharing. Two models of this command are the same.

Advanced and Color Management

Printer Test Page, Color Printer Test Page For Canon, Brother, Epson, Xerox, and HP

Two menu tab is rarely used. To Advance is used if you want to use the printer at certain hours, then we can set it from there. For example, if we just use the printer from the hours 9:00 to 5:00 p.m., then the printer outside these hours will be turned off by the printer driver. As for color management is used if we want to determine our own color compositing. This we do because the display is monitored with the print different colors either older or younger.

Printer Test Page, Color Printer Test Page For Canon, Brother, Epson, Xerox, and HP.


This menu tab is most useful among other menus. Because the menu is exactly what is going to be used to care for our printers.

From top-left exit cleaning and deep cleaning, two menus have the same function, namely to perform head cleaning. But remember my previous post about the Printer Status Monitor. The difference is two times dry deep cleaning, which also means that ink consumption is the second time dry. Be careful when using this menu as without the feel of ink will run out quickly.

Underneath adaPrint Head Alignment Aligning the print head or in other words the calibration print head. Namely to find the best nozzle of a print head. If we do not do this normally when we print the line will look broken or bent. Or if we print the photos, the composition of the color shift.

Nozzle check used if we want to find out whether the existing nozzle print head that any defect yet. If the menu we executed then the printer will print a checkered pattern. If the boxes are not complete or bent or white color block striped it signifies there is a defective nozzle.

Menu Bottom Plate Cleaning is used to clean the roller through which the paper. If we execute the menu should have on paper because the printer will clean the roller with the paper.

Power Off is used to turn the printer on the computer. Without the need to press the on / off button on the printer.

Quiet mode and the Custom setting. Quiet mode not so useful for low-end printers because his voice was so hard and there is no censorship for its quiet mode. While the custom settings to use to set the time cleaning it. In other words, the men set the interval between the first and second sheets.

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