How to Printer Drivers Install in Windows

For any device, the driver is an essential component. It is always better to get the latest driver for your printer for enhanced performance. Now you can get the latest drivers easily with a click from the direct manufacturer site.

Below are the ways and steps to get the drivers for your printer.

  1. CD/DVD: Always you get a CD/DVD in the packing with the set of default basic drivers needed for your printer. These basic drivers are responsible for the basic functioning of your printer.

To install the drivers from the disk, follow the below steps:

  • Insert the CD/DVD into the slot and let the AutoRun.exe file pop on your Windows screen.
  • Now, follow the set of instructions on the screen and proceed further.

DO NOT change any settings to customer preference. This will modify the list of drivers and the settings.

  • Complete the installation process. Restart your printer and Windows device to refresh the settings.
  1. Direct link on the manufacturer site:
  • You can visit the manufacturer site for the direct link for printer setup driver download.
  • Run the setup wizard and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Midway through the process, you can see the options to get either the basic set of drivers or the complete set of drivers.

Always go for the complete set of drivers and software for the initial setup process.

  • After installation, restart your Windows device and the printer for refreshing the settings.