How to Printer Driver Install in Mac

The printer driver installation is now easy and simple with a MAC device. Before the driver installation, connect your printer to a MAC device with a USB cable. Also, connect your printer and router with a LAN cable for a stable connection. Then proceed with the driver installation process.

Follow the below steps for installing drivers for your printer from different avenues:

  1. CD/DVD:
  • For every printer setup, you will get a default CD/DVD with a set of basic drivers for printer functioning.
  • Insert the CD/DVD into the slot and wait for the AutoRun.exe to pop.
  • Now, follow the set of instructions on the screen and complete the installation.

Do Not change any settings as it will modify the settings for the driver installation.

  • Then reboot your MAC and printer for refreshing the settings.
  1. Direct link on the Manufacturer site:
  • The better way to get the complete set of drivers is to visit the direct link of the manufacturer site.
  • Below are the steps for installing the complete set of drivers for your printer:
  • Visit the direct link of your manufacturer site for the complete set of drivers.
  • Download the printer installation file and run the AutoRun.
  • On initiating the setup wizard, you can follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Midway through the process, you can see the option for downloading – either the basic set or the complete set of software.

Choose the full set of drivers. This will support enabling the complete features of your printer.

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