OS X Lion (10.7) Download for Mac

No problems with software and hardware
Mac is the manufacturer of both software and hardware, so users get a complete solution and a fully integrated system that provides users with stability and flawless work. OS X unleashes the potential of your Mac computer and makes sure you get the best performance possible. Every Mac notebook has a multi-touch trackpad that allows tapping, swiping, and pinching conveniently in the majority of apps. Among other benefits of OS X is the long battery life that is achieved by dimming the screen and regulating the work of the processor between the keystrokes.

Main Features of OS X LionOS X Lion

Interact with your computer better than ever
Multi-touch supports various gestures including tapping, swiping, pinching, and more. This allows controlling your screen more conveniently and naturally. Use Magic Mouse or trackpad to scroll down and your document scrolls down too. Scroll up on your trackpad and the same does your document. Swipe left to move your photos left too. These are not all gestures available on your Mac.

See things running on your Mac
Swiping up on your trackpad makes the system show you everything is currently running on your computer.

Convenient switching
Simply swipe three fingers to change one opened full-screen application for another.

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Scrolling with two fingers
Sliding two fingers up and down will provide you with such function as scrolling through various documents, webpages and, so on.

Make a double-tap on the trackpad using your two fingers to magnify PDF or webpage. If you view webpages or photos and want to zoom in or out of them, simply make a pinching gesture with your thumb and finger.

Fast and simple
Mac OS X Lion is designed with the consumer in mind. Everything is simple and intuitive. From your starting desktop to the interface of programs and adjustment panels – working with this operating system is a total pleasure. Of course, a modern person needs a wide selection of tools to perform various tasks and OS X is full of these advanced technologies. Built on reliable and proven by years of UNIX foundation, OS X Lion provides users with incredible reliability, stability, engaging graphics, high-quality support, and convenient work.

Get all your favorite apps handy
OS X is a great way to get all the programs you need handy. Use Dock to store your widely used programs there. This enables fast launching and amazingly quick switching between these applications. Another useful feature here is Stacks. Of course, Dock is a great place to keep links to folders with documents, downloads, and files. All of your applications are stored in Launchpad. Here you can arrange these applications, group them according to some elements, delete or put them in folders. When you purchase an app in Mac App Store, it will appear in Launchpad automatically.

Files sharing and organization

The finder tool is great for getting free and fast access to all files you have on your computer. With its help, users can organize simply everything – discs, files, folders, applications, and more. Sorting files is also flawless – select from date added, date modified, kind or application, size, and other parameters. If you need to find a specific file, Quick Look and Spotlight will be of great help. They are very helpful even when you don’t know the name of the file you need. In Spotlight the system generates the files that contain the phrase of your search. If you use Quick Look, you will be able to see a full-screen preview of that file simply by hitting the space bar. No need to waste time opening that file. If you need to send this file to someone, use AirDrop to transfer it wirelessly. All files are added to AirDrop by using simple drag-and-drop.

Autosaving features
Stop worrying about losing crucial data and don’t make reminders to save your work manually. The autoSave feature will save your work in process absolutely automatically, so you can simply forget about it. Users may also find Versions very useful – this tool saves each version of a document while your work. The new version is created once you open the document and then each hour. This tool doesn’t save complete files, only differences between them, so the impact on your hard disk is minimal. Each time you open Versions, you will see the main document and the cascade of versions to it. You are free to copy and paste versions, an open earlier version of the document, and work with it. When you send this document to someone, only the latest copy will be sent.

New Features in OS X Lion

Adjusting the way you work with your Mac
For years people keep doing the same things on their computers. With OS X Lion and its new innovative features, you will change the way you interact with your Mac and make your work more productive.

Multi-touch gestures
Multi-touch gestures will make your work with Mac more intuitive. OS X Lion provides you with a richer experience in this area. Such gestures as rubber-band scrolling, swiping, or zooming are natural, so they are easy to remember and easy to work with.

Full-screen applications

With OS X Lion and its full-screen applications, every inch of your Mac will be in action. Users are free to open as many full-screen apps as they want as well as standard-size applications. Switching between them in OS X Lion is very simple.

Mission Control tool
This is Dashboard, Expose, Spaces, and full-screen apps altogether. Get the bird’s-eye view of all processes that currently run on your system. This is very convenient – just make one swipe on the trackpad and see Mission Control with its precise information. Just one quick gesture and total information about your system are on the desktop.

App Store
There’s no need to visit some websites or search for new applications for your Mac. Everything you need is already here on your Mac. Mac App Store is similar to one on iPad. Browse through thousands of free and paid applications, download new programs and get updates on all authorized Mac computers. All programs are installed on Launchpad with just one click, and you will be always aware of new updates via reminders from Mac App Store.
This is the simplest way to get quick access to all applications that are installed on your Mac. The Launchpad icon is available in Dock. When you click it, all windows opened by now seem to fade away a bit as they are replaced with the list of your collection of applications. Users are free to arrange applications, group them in folders, delete them, and perform other tasks. When you use Mac App Store to download a program, it will appear in Launchpad automatically.

Convenient resuming
OS X Lion also features some updates concerning resuming your work. Now work in some program, close it, and when you reopen it, you will start right where you have finished. This saves much valuable time. One more improvement – restarting your Mac is now super simple. Previously you had to close all applications, save your work, resume your computer, then open everything again and work. Now simply restart the system and all applications will stay open right in places where you have left them.


Your Mac will automatically save your work, so there is no need to worry you will lose important information. Have you ever faced the problem of losing hours of work simply because you forget to press Command-S? Now say goodbye to those times.

Versions tool
Take snapshots of your work in time, see different versions of your document as you progress, and return to any version of your document whenever you want with Versions. Copy and paste different versions of the same document, review past versions – you will love this handy tool.

File transfer with AirDrop
Do you have someone nearby and you want to share some files with that person? You can conveniently do this with AirDrop that transfers files wirelessly. No Wi-Fi network is required. Using AirDrop is very simple and the program doesn’t require any special settings. Find the program’s icon in the Finder sidebar, AirDrop will automatically detect people that are within 30 feet from the computer. Select a file, drag it to the person’s name and it will be sent to the Downloads folder of that person. The transfer is fully encrypted.

With OS X Lion you will enjoy a completely new approach to email. Work with tremendous widescreen program’s interface that covers entire display, see messages in full height and enjoy convenient message lists with snippets. With Conversations, your messages will be displayed in the form of a thread. Main has its own search and handy suggestions and tokens will help you to find the message you need faster.

Lion Server
OS X Lion Server provides users with extra features and numerous enhancements that will make your work more stable and efficient. Now the program is very simple to install as the Server app contains a step-by-step assistant that makes configuring very simple. With Profile Manager, you will get even more control over Mac computers with Lion on board and various iOS devices, such as iPad or iPhone. Lion Server will also expand sharing abilities of your iPad, adding iCal Server, Mail Server, and Wiki Server.

Over 250 new features

With its stability, amazing new features and unforgettable experience OS X Lion is the best OS by Apple at the moment.

Built-in voices
OS X Lion features VoiceOver feature that now supports 22 languages including  Arabic, Cantonese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin (China), Mandarin (Taiwan), Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish (Spain), Swedish, and Turkish. Some other languages can be downloaded to expand the functionality of your Mac – Thai, Greek, Slovak, Indonesian, Hindi, and Romanian. Users may also prefer to get VoiceOver in different dialects – English (UK), English (Australia), Spanish (Mexico), and English (South Africa).

All voices are high-quality ones, but if you want even better quality, open VoiceOver Utility and select Customize in the Speech panel.

Picture-in-picture zoom
Try a brand new feature in Lion – picture in picture that allows zooming only a specified area, while the rest of the screen will stay in its native size.

Braille tables support
OS X Lion provides users with support for over 80 braille tables that are suitable for numerous languages.

Verbosity adjustments
Specify the default level of verbosity that will be used together with the braille display. Verbosity levels can be set up for such controls as checkboxes, dock items, images, links, applications, and more.

Improved cursor

Lion features an improved high-resolution cursor that looks great in large sizes.

Better drag-and-drop
The voiceOver feature provides users who are blind or have poor sight with improved drag-and-drop. All you need to do is to select the item that needs to be dragged and then mark the destination. Lion will do the rest.

Activities in VoiceOver
With VoiceOver, you can create activities that will suit your needs in specific cases. These activities may vary from occasion to occasion. For example, you can order the system to use faster speech or use another voice when you go shopping online. Or voice can speak slower when you read digital newspapers. You can switch from one preference to another manually, or you can order the program to do this depending on the application you use.

VoiceOver Search

VoiceOver Utility also provides users with the ability to perform a search and find the features that they need.

Improved Address Book
Address Book now looks better than ever. Browsing contacts is now even more convenient. Moreover, now the list has alphabetical dividers, so you can quickly find the letter you need and will always know where you are.

Support for Yahoo! Mail
Address Book is now more integrated with Yahoo! Mail. Add contacts to your Address Book from Yahoo!; when you update some contact in your Address Book, the change is applied in your Address Book automatically. You can choose to view your contacts from Yahoo! separately or together with other contacts.

Faces in iPhoto
Finding people by photo is always quick. Make pictures from iPhoto your contacts pictures in Address Book. Double-click on an empty frame will open a card of this contact. Click the Faces icon and add any picture from iPhoto.

FaceTime calling capabilities

The address book has also the ability to make FaceTime calls. This is very simple – just click the email address of the person you want to call to and select “FaceTime”.

Convenient adding of birthdays
Now there is no need to add years to birthdays in your contacts.

Instant messaging
Connect with your buddies using Address Book’s instant messages.

Access social networks

Your Address Book is also a quick way to access your profiles in popular social networks including Facebook.


Convenient sending of files
AirDrop will send your files wirelessly to other people around you.

Very simple in use
This program doesn’t require any setup or adding commands and settings.

Send files without any networks access

AirDrop doesn’t require any network or base station. This program uses a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connection between two computers.

The automated finding of other computers
When you want to transfer some files, there’s no need to search for them. OS X Lion will detect all devices automatically and you will see the results in Finder. All you need to do is to select the recipient. AirDrop even displays the photos of users if you have assigned any.

Convenient interface through drag-and-drop
Sending files is as easy as making a click. Click on the photo of the person and drag-and-drop the file you want to send. Your Mac will send a request to that person and if that request is accepted, the file transfer will start. The recipient will get this file in his/her Downloads folder.

Fast and secure
Transferring files using AirDrop is not only fast but also secure as the program uses TLS encryption.

Protection during transfer
When you transfer files to another person, your OS X Lion creates a firewall between you and that person, so no one from that computer can access your system.

Visibility issues
Your computer is visible only when you use AirDrop. Once you close Finder or click anywhere outside AirDrop, other users will not see your Mac anymore.

Apple ID
When someone tries to send a file to you, you can verify the identity of that person. If that person is present in your Address Book and it keeps the information about the Apple ID of that person, you will see the name of that person below the photo.

Transfer canceling
If you want to interrupt and finish file transfer, simply press X in the Downloads stack.

AppleScript Editor is a handy way to create and edit AppleScript applets that help to establish direct access to the Cocoa framework.

Numerous templates
AppleScript Editor now comes with a brand new template menu that includes numerous elements like Mail rule actions, actions for Aperture, file-processing droplets, iChat responders, and more.

Targeting specific applications

Target a script globally in AppleScript Editor in a new way – now the pop-up menu is responsible for this. Such targeted scripts are really great for short development projects as they do not require applying terms clauses or tell blocks.

Application menu
To provide more accurate and high-quality testing of your applets, AppleScript Editor provides users with some very nice features – execute them from the program’s workflow.


Automated saving
All Mac applications equipped with the AutoSave feature will save changes to your document automatically not only when you close the app, but also during your work. This is very convenient as now there is no need to worry whether data is saved and you will not lose your valuable data. No interruptions, no pauses – AutoSave does everything automatically and silently. Lion will add changes to the existing document, so there will be no different files with, for example, the same text.

Revert changes and work with duplicates

AutoSave helps to undo recent changes even though the document has been saved automatically. For this purpose, the title bar contains the Revert command that will bring your work to the state of its last opening. A duplicate tool contains the same document and places it near the original one. This means you can use the original document as a template for new documents.

Documents locking
For example, you need to leave the document unchanged, so simply lock it. This can be done manually, but Lion also provides automated locking. All documents, which have not been edited for two weeks, are locked automatically. When you try to edit them, the system will ask you to unlock the document or make its duplicate to work with.


Change your workflow
With Automator, users can save their workflows in different template styles.

Text filtering
Improved text filtering during input is another feature present in this program. The data detector, which filters all input objects (for example, phone numbers, URLs, addresses), now can pass only the selected information that is present in text objects.

AutoSave feature
Stop losing your work with this handy AutoSave option.

Support for numerous versions

Automator now provides support for Versions. This means you can easily return to any saved state of your workflow.
New services and actions
Automator contains Dashboard widgets, so simple double-click on the icon of action or service will help to install it to the program. All you need to do is to approve your permission.
New actions available can turn text to ePub documents or images, get or display web content, make encoding of video and audio files simple, and more.

Support for RTF
The majority of text actions in Automator also provides support for RTF (Rich Text Format).

Electronic Distribution

Convenient purchase of OS X Lion
Use Mac App Store to purchase and download this program flawlessly.

Simple installation
Even a novice can easily install Lion. Just a click to download the program and then several more clicks to install it.

Install Lion on all authorized Macs
Make a purchase of Lion in the Mac App Store, and then easily install the purchased program on any authorized Mac computer. For this purpose, you only need to sign in to Mac App Store from those computers, open the Purchases list, and download Lion from it.

Convenient video calls
Make video calls from your Intel-based Mac, iPad 2, iPhone 4, or the latest generation of iPod touch.1.

Full-screen and HD calls
Do not waste space and run FaceTime in full-screen mode. You will be still able to switch between calls and other applications without leaving a full-screen view.  Also, this version of the program provides users with support for making calls in HD with dimensions of up to 720p (note, you will need a built-in FaceTime HD camera in your Mac).

Switch the views
Select whether you want to make and see video calls in portrait or landscape view. Orientation can be also selected automatically by the program depending on the type of the device.

Make calls to contacts from your Address Book
FaceTime is adjustable to Address Book, so there is no need to do manual work and add documents.

Get instant notifications
Even if your FaceTime is not running and someone tries to make you a call, you will see a notification about it. If that is not convenient for you, you can always turn this feature off in your preferences.

FileVault 2

Handy disk encryption tool
With FileVault 2 you can encrypt not only some files, but your entire hard disk to make sure your data will be safe.

Advanced encryption technologies
File Vault 2 secures data by using XTS-AES 128 encryption.

Fast encryption
With FileVault 2 users can encrypt and decrypt data simply on the fly.

Optimized work
Even making initial encryption is very simple. You can watch the progress and continue your usual work while the program makes it. Encryption of FireWire drives and external USB is also supported.


See all your files
Finder is a great tool to see all your files instantly in the same Mac window. No matter where your files are located – Finder will display them in a handy organized manner. The program is great for sorting files as well as Finder can display only partial results of the search. Users can open only documents, videos, images, or frequently open files.

Files sorting
Finder will sort its files by category, so you can conveniently find what you need. Sorting features also include application, kind, date added, size, and date modified.

Navigation using gestures
Icon view presents the results of your search in the form of rows of icons, so you can easily swipe through them using Mac Magic Mouse or trackpad that supports multi-touch gestures.

Search suggestions
The finder doesn’t wait until you finish typing in the search field. The program suggests the most popular and frequent searches.

The use of search tokens
Users can also benefit from using search tokens in Finder. This is one of the best ways of filtering your searches. Create or select a suggestion. This will create a token. When you search for something your search will be filtered automatically to meet that criterion. To make your search even more efficient, use several tokens simultaneously. For example, you need to find all presentations made in Keynote and created or sent by Mary. What you need to do is to input “Keynote” and “Mary” in your search field. In this situation, two tokens will be created and Finder will present only presentations made by Mary.

Merging folders
Finder can merge folders for you when you want to combine two of them with the same name.

Files grouping
When you have several files and you want to save them in the same folder, simply select them and select “group as folder” from the program’s contextual menu.

Simple operations with files
It’s really simple to drag multiple files in OS X Lion. Start moving a group of files from one place to another and all files will be considered a group. You will also see a small indicator near your cursor, which displays the number of files. When you move one file into a folder that already contains the file with the same name, Finder will suggest adding the word “copy” to the file or changing the name of the new file.

Full-Screen Applications

Built-in features in Lion
This version of OS X provides users with built-in support for full-screen applications. Now all applications that have this feature will be marked with a full-screen button in the title bar. To expand the application, simply click on that button. Exiting full-screen view is also very simple, move your mouse to the top of the screen. This will reveal a menu bar, from which you can choose the “exit full-screen” command.

Work with several full-screen apps
OS X Lion supports running several full-screen applications at the same time. When you switch to another application or go back to the desktop, all full-screen applications will not change their views.

Gestures support
Use a swipe gesture on your trackpad to move from one full-screen application to another. It can be also used to go back to the desktop.

Hidden menus
When you run applications in a full-screen view, the system will hide the menu bar to expand the space of your screen as much as possible. When you need the menu bar, accessing it is very simple – just move your pointer to the top of the screen and your menu bar will slide down.


Updated interface
The program features an improved look that is more convenient when it takes to editing and browsing events. Click Calendars to see the list of calendars that provide you with detailed information about events of the day, week, month, or even a whole year.

Full-screen iCal
Make the use of your screen more efficient with the full-screen mode that contains more events and details.

A handy scheduler
Make sure you don’t miss anything with Day view that will provide you with an accurate list of plans and events. Make sure you do not lose anything and get all information you need at a glance. The program also comes with a mini-month view that is visible in any window of the program. It helps to navigate in calendar and switch between days easily.

Quick Add feature
The quick Add tool is very useful in your everyday work with iCal. It allows adding an event without any problem. Just type something like “Meeting with Tom” or “Restaurant at 6 p.m.” and the program will convert these notes to events. The automated adding is really accurate and it will include all names, date, time, and location from your notes. To add a phrase you just need to click on Add button (+).

See whole year
The year view feature is very useful when you need to look at your plans globally. See all 12 months at the same time and jump between them with ease.


Yahoo Messenger
Keep in touch with your Yahoo! friends using the program. Simply use your Yahoo! ID to log in and all your friends from the list will automatically appear in iChat.

One list for everyone
It’s really inconvenient to have different buddies on different lists. iChat brings them all together, so you will see everyone regardless of the program they use. Finally, there’s no need to hunt multiple windows. Quite often people have accounts in different services. That is not a problem for iChat as it always has one entry per person. All you need to do is to select the service that you want to use to save a message to such a person.

Search for buddies
Find a buddy quickly by pressing just one shortcut. Simply press Command-F and then add a part of a name or a name of the buddy you want to find. iChat will immediately show responses as you type.

Plug-ins in iChat
Use plug-ins to extend the functionality of your program. iChat supports plug-ins from third-party developers as well. When activated, each plug-in works as a separate process, so nothing will damage your computer.

Add photos
Add pictures to accounts of your buddies. With Lion and iChat you can do this simply and conveniently by uploading a picture from iPhoto. Adding a photo is very simple – just click on the icon of the buddy, then select the Edit Picture command, and click on the Faces button.

Organize your chats
Use movable tabs to organize your chats. Drag them up and down to rearrange them. If you want to create a new window, simply drag a tab out of it. If you want to merge windows, simply drag tabs from one window to another.

Status in accounts
iChat can select the same status message and availability for all accounts you use in this program. For this purpose simply click on the command “Use the same status for all accounts”. Deselecting this will separate statuses and you will need to set up them manually for each program.

Lion Recovery
Recovering information in your Lion has been never so simple. You will find tools to recover your Mac in Recovery HD. This feature allows repairing or reinstalling the operating system without any physical discs. As you boot your system, hold Command-R to start Recovery HD. You can also hold down the Option key as your system loads, and then choose Recovery HD from the dialog box. In Recovery HD you will also find Safari web browser that allows visiting Apple’s Support, checking your email, etc.

OS X reinstalling
If you want to reinstall the system, you will find everything you need in Recovery HD. Open the utility pane and then select the Reinstall Mac OS X command. Recovery HD will download and install a fresh copy of Lion. All of your data will be kept in safety.

OS X restoration
Whenever you need a fresh system, use Recovery HD to erase information from your drive, and then install Lion with all applications, settings, and documents you have had using Time Machine backup.

Launchpad is a place that provides quick access to apps that you have on your Mac. To keep your apps handy, Launchpad creates pages for them. Each time you add more applications, Launchpad adds new pages for them. All apps open from Launchpad with a single click. All new applications installed appear in Launchpad automatically.

Convenient navigation
Launchpad also supports gestures, so you can move between pages by using a two-finger swipe.

Arrange applications
Arrange applications according to your taste by dragging them to another page or location. If you drag the application’s icon and drop it on another application, Launchpad will make a folder. Each folder can contain up to 32 applications. Launchpad will also suggest a name for the folder (Game, Productivity, and so on), but this name is surely adjustable.

Delete applications
If you downloaded your apps from Mac App Store, deleting them is very simple. In Launchpad simply hold the program’s icon for some time and it will start jiggling. You will also see a delete button (x), by pressing which your application will be uninstalled. Another way to delete the application from Launchpad is to drag its icon to Trash. Note, once you delete the application from Launchpad, it will be removed from the system as well.

Mac App Store
OS X Lion has a built-in Mac App Store that finally supports purchasing new applications without leaving it. Mac App Store also keeps records of your purchases and will provide you with information about updates. When the update is available, Mac App Store will notify you. The program is savvy to bandwidth as it will download only the information that is different from the version installed on your computer.


Widescreen and full-screen options
The updated version of Mail provides users with an interface that is optimized for widescreen displays. You will see more messages on the upgraded program’s interface. You can also try a full-screen view that allows sending and reading emails with even more room.

Get quick access to all of your folders with mail using Favorites. Add folders to favorites simply by dragging them to the bar.

Working with messages
The improved list of messages now provides users with a small preview of each message. This helps to find messages even faster. The preview contains the first lines of your email and its sender. Message previews can be adjusted so that up to five first lines will be displayed.

Reading and managing emails in Main becomes even simpler with Conversations. When you receive an email, Mail will group similar messages into conversations, so you can check the thread and see what you read. The streamlined interface of the program makes work with Mail even more convenient and perfect for continuous reading.

Hiding of quoted text
Don’t read old parts of emails again and again. Mail will hide quoted text automatically, displaying only new information. When you need to view complete messages, just make a click and the hidden text will be shown.

Related messages
Just make a click and all messages related to the one you read at the moment will be moved to Trash automatically.

Searching options
Mail is equipped with a dynamic search that displays subjects, people, labels, and more. The search suggestions are based on your email.  You can also make tokens from these search suggestions. Using tokens is very efficient as this will narrow your search. Mail allows combining several tokens for one search, so your search results will be precise and accurate. You can also perform a search in attachments to mail.

Add labels
Adding colorful labels to your mail helps to identify important data quicker. Labeling any mail takes just one click. You can create your own personalized labels (for example, Office, Family) and assign messages with them. When you input search data, you can add labels too to get narrower results.

Save your mail in archives with just one click.

Support for other mail clients
Your Mail can exchange data with Microsoft Exchange 2010, Address Book, and iCal.

Mission Control
With Mission Control you will always keep an eye on all processes that run on your Mac computer, including full-screen applications and open windows, Dashboard, spaces, and more. A handy row of thumbnails provides you with a quick overview and allows navigating instantly.

Navigation using gestures
Mission Control supports swiping gestures that will zoom out the desktop. If you want to move to the next or previous item in Mission Control, simply swipe right or left.

Expose tool
This tool allows grouping windows that belong to the same application. As the group expands, you will see all windows of the selected application.

Add and delete spaces
Adding and deleting desktop spaces using Mission Control is very simple. To add a space use Spaces control that is marked with (+) – you will find it in the top right corner of Mission Control. Use drag-and-drop to add a space. When you need to delete a space, simply click on the Delete button (x) that is located on the thumbnail of the space.

Multi-touch gestures

Fluid animations
To make gestures to be more responsive, Lion uses fluid animations. The gestures in the system are very close to the ones you would use with actual pages. New animations used include zooming, rubber-band scrolling, and swiping.

Rubber-band scrolling
When you scroll to the bottom or the top of some document or a webpage, it will be brought back automatically.

Use this gesture in applications like Preview or Safari to open a new page that will replace the old one.

Make a double-tap to open zooming of text or images. Safari is also equipped with intelligent zooming that makes website designs look great even after zoom. Pinching gesture with two fingers allows zooming in and out in iPhoto, Preview, or Safari.

This gesture is great to navigate between full-screen applications. Make a swipe on your Mac’s trackpad, and Expose will open all windows of the specified application.

Other gestures
Use your thumb and three fingers to spread them on the trackpad, and you will move all windows from the screen, revealing your system’s desktop. Pinching three fingers allows revealing Launchpad panel.

Network capabilities

Savvy wake
When you share files, make a backup, or use other actions that do not require a fully working computer, your OS X Lion can work without turning the monitor and USB devices on.

Fast authentication
If you want to connect to a network that requires authentication, Lion will provide you with a convenient log-in window.

Support for NFSv4
Your new operating system provides full support for NFSv4. Among other supported technologies are failover, DFS URLs, and reconnecting to the Windows file server.

Photo Booth
In OS X Lion Photo Booth app comes with a full-screen view, so now you can get the most from your screen.

New effects
Use the built-in camera of your Mac to get even more fun. Photo Booth comes with 9 brand-new effects. Among them are Dizzy, Blockhead, Lovestruck, Nose Twirl, and Frog. All these effects use facial tracking technology. If your Mac is equipped with a high-resolution camera, you will get even more fun with Photo Booth as you can work with high-resolution photos.

Preview is now among the applications that support full-screen views. This makes reviewing or reading very convenient. Preview will show you the optimized display that depends on the resolution of your screen. Both landscape and portrait documents look great and perfectly scaled. Of course, you can use hand gestures to rotate, zoom, and flip.

Smart Magnify
Use this feature when you need to zoom in on a part of a document, but do not want to zoom in on the entire document. This feature is very beneficial when working with PDF documents as it will provide you with the best view possible.

Quick search
To make work with searchable text more efficient, Preview highlights the complete phrase that contains the surrounding text.

Signature adding
Assigning your signature in PDF documents is really simple when you’re using Preview. Use FaceTime or iSight camera and hold a sign in front of it. The advanced processing of images in Preview allows turning it into a perfect pen signature annotation. One more click and your signature are inserted in your document. This way is very convenient when you need to sign PDF documents and forms.

AutoSave feature released in OS X Lion work flawlessly in Preview as well. All changes done to PDF files will be saved automatically.

Support for Office and iWork
the preview provides support for working with documents created in Microsoft Office or iWork.


Advanced preferences
Enjoy a Privacy pane that is great for enabling and disabling location services. Here you can set up which applications can use your location information. When a new application asks for this information, you will see a small icon in the menu bar.

QuickTime Player
With QuickTime Player, you are free to perform such functions as combining multiple clips into one, exporting audio files, rotating clips, capturing a full screen or just a part of its region, and more. Use the player to share your videos to such popular services and programs as Mail, Vimeo, Flickr, iMovie, and Facebook.

This feature allows working directly where you have stopped even though the application has been closed. Resume will remember open windows and palettes, highlighted text, and even a position of the cursor!

System restart
With Resume, users can finally restart the system conveniently. Lion will return everything where you have left it. This concerns open applications and windows, so everything is ready to work. If that is not convenient for you, select a clean start and you will get a fresh desktop.


Full-screen view
Just like the majority of popular applications, Safari also features a full-screen mode that allows observing your most-liked websites in even higher resolution. Watch your Facebook news, Twitter timeline, or Gmail on a bigger scale.

Gestures in Safari
Make a double-tap to zoom in on a part of the document or a picture. Another double-click will bring it back to its size. All these actions are performed very smoothly. Pinching will help to make precise zooming of text and graphics. Swiping allows navigating through the website.

AutoFill feature
This tool speeds up form filling. The program will input your personal information instead of you, but your data will stay private. The program will detect web forms accurately and will use your information from Address Book. You can turn to AutoFill off whenever you want to.

Enhanced performance
Safari provides better support for HTML5 Canvas, interactive web applications, and games. Now users can enjoy really smooth performance and hardware acceleration.

As you start downloading something in Safari, you will see a Smart Search Field that will show you the progress of the file download. You will also see a small arrow, by clicking on which you will get the list of all downloads.

Safari uses media caching. This means the browser will store both audio and video data if they use HTML5 application cache.

Website data
See the accurate list of websites you have visited and the pages you visited on them. You are free to remove all this information by selecting Remove All Website Data command in the Privacy pane.

Simple setup for Yahoo! and Gmail
Safari features tight integration with Google, Yahoo! or AOL. Use the browser to log into these accounts and the system will automatically allow you to keep using them in Mail, iChat, iCal, and Address Book.

OS X Lion provides users with enhanced runtime protection. Now it features ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) in 32-bit apps, so both 32-bit and 64-bit applications are ever more stable and resistant to attacks.

If you have been using Windows and now want to switch to OS X Lion, the system will enable convenient migration of all data. This implies the automated transfer of folders (documents, downloads, music, pictures, desktop, and so on), all bookmarks, settings, localization, contacts from Outlook and Windows Live Mail, and even your desktop picture.

System Requirements:

  • Intel-based Mac computer with the following processors – Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 or Xeon;
  • RAM 2GB min;
  • OS X versions 10.6.6 and later (the recommended version is 10.6.8)
  • Free space on the hard disk drive 7GB;
  • A part of features in this system nay require Apple ID and Internet connection.

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