How To Do Mobile Printing On An HP Laser Printers

On this occasion, we will provide tips on how to do mobile wireless printing on HP laser printers in general. In general, this can be done on HP laser printers that are supported by the network & the IP address has been installed by utilizing a computer network in the office or router. This method can actually be done on HP inkjet printers in general. Depending on the printer series. To do this, there are things that need to be prepared, such as:

  • Of course, an HP laser printer already has a Network connection or port (usually coded N and W on the back of the printer series).
  • Smartphones and android gadgets that are connected to a wifi network/internet data.

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If the above has been prepared, then we continue the next step, namely the installation of the Android application and how to print the documentation.

  1. Download the E-PRINT application on the Google play store
  2. Open the application then register or create an account if you don’t have one
  3. Enter the email address as a verification account
  4. Enter the activation code obtained from the email
  5. Run the application
  6. 2. After entering the application, select the document to be printed
  7. The application will automatically search for printer devices that are online/ready
  8. Choose the printer in accordance with the wishes of the document to be printed
  9. If the printed document and the printer are the way you want, then click the PRINT button tab.
  10. Then in about 10-20 seconds, the document will be printed automatically.
  11. To find out whether it has been printed or not, it can be seen in the printing notification.
  12. Done

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This is information from about how to do mobile printing with an HP laser printer. Usually, for HP multifunction printers, there will be several additional features, just adjust them. This method is usually performed on single-function HP laser printers with the N code on the back of the printer series. If you are still confused, you can follow the instructions that are usually in the manual book contained in the HP printer purchase package. May be useful.