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Learn to protect your Windows 7

In the Activity Center, accessible from the Control Panel or from the flag-shaped icon in the notification area of ​​the taskbar, the monitoring panels for the different aspects related to the system are located. Either directly or through menu options linked to the Control Panel, this is the repertoire of activities available for administration:

Protect your Windows 7

Learn to protect your Windows 7

• Network Firewall: monitors network traffic and allow establishing policies and rules for applications and connections, as well as for users.

• Windows Update: it is related to automatic updates.

• Antivirus protection: monitors and manages all optionally installed programs.

• Protection against spyware and unwanted software: monitors Windows Defender, integrated into Windows 7, as well as third-party software.

• Security and Internet configuration: although the configuration is done from your own control panel, it is also accessible from the Internet Explorer browser.

• User account control: makes application execution permissions within the safe margins so as not to modify system processes. If necessary, higher-level access permissions can be granted or the UAC deactivated.

• Network access protection: functionality implemented for use in corporate environments with secure servers that define policies for connected equipment.

• Find solutions for the problems reported: Windows accesses knowledge bases to find solutions to the problems that arise on the computer.

• Backup: it is the section dedicated to managing everything related to the backup copies of system files and users.

• Check for updates: manage the available system updates, whether they are critical or optional updates.

• Troubleshooting: system maintenance.

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