iPhone Driver Installation Problem Solution

iPhone driver in order to install (reinstall) your iPhone drivers (USB driver, Bluetooth device driver, iPhone modem drivers, etc), go to Device Manager and you have a listing of all your hardware components.

Apple Mobile Device USB Driver

Plugin your iPhone. Now you will see 2 listings that say something like “Apple Recovery” Mode in YELLOW, right-click, then click “uninstall”, you need to do this to both, they should disappear now.

Next, you will expand the “Universal Serial Bus Adapters” at the bottom, which will give you a long-lasting, and look for the USB related devices. Look for “USB Composite Device” in this listing.

This is the tricky part because everybody is going to have different hardware from different manufacturers and the listing is going to be called something different but if you can figure out which are your USB ports then you are in business!

You will see 2 “USB Composite Device” choose the first one and right-click the “USB Composite Device” and click “Update Driver

iPhone DriverDrivers for iphoneChoose ” Install from a list or specific location (Advanced) and click Next on the next screen choose “Don’t search, I will choose the driver to install” and click Next and you will see 2 drivers listed and choose “Apple Mobile Device (boot driver) “and install.

If you don’t see 2 drivers listed then CANCEL and choose the second “USB Composite Device” and follow the above instructions and choose “Apple Mobile Device (boot driver) ” to install.

iPhone USB Driver Windows 7 Download Free

Now iPhone driver should work perfectly.

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