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Installation and Maintenance of Radeon Drivers and Graphic Cards

So you have decided to get an ATI graphics card and figured that Radeon will make you happy. But wait, before you proceed, you have to know first how to successfully run your newly-found graphic card in your computer. You also need to know the proper maintenance if you don’t want to spend loads of bucks for repairs. Let me teach you how to successfully install and keep your Radeon drivers running for a long time. Follow this step by step guide.

Installation and Maintenance of Radeon Drivers and Graphic Cards

Image Source: AMD

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Installing Radeon drivers and graphic card insertion:

  • Power off your computer. Unplug all the cords.
  • Release the side panel that covers the motherboard by unscrewing the screws along the case’s right backhand side.
  • Find a PCI slot. It can often be found in the highest up in the motherboard. (Some motherboards have two PCI slots)
  • Take the slot cover off. Usually, it is covered by a metal cover locked by screws. Simply unscrew it to take off the cover.
  • Put the card in. Make sure that when you push, you will be providing uniform force to avoid the card from breaking. Put back the metal cover to secure the card.
  • Close the case and put back all the cords that you removed.
  • Insert the CD driver. Radeon drivers often come along upon the purchase of the card.
  • Reboot.


If you want to avoid getting errors, freezes and blue screens due to a faulty graphic card driver, you must ensure regular updating of your Radeon drivers. Simply go to their website and download the latest patched driver available. If you can’t do this, it is advisable that you get an automatic driver scanner from the Internet. This external program will do regular checks on your computer for any driver that needs to be polished (a.k.a. updated) and download it automatically. Some good automatic driver scanners will even install the newly patched drivers for you. Make this as a part of your regular maintenance toolkit and you can be sure that your devices will run at its finest.

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