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HP ScanJet Drivers Download (Latest Version)

    I need a driver for an HP Scanjet 4600. I failed to find anything by searching the web. I hope you can help.

    Generally, HP is good about offering drivers for their devices. Exceptions are usually products that have been discontinued or are too old to continue to update. In your case, however, I think we are okay. Click to follow this link to the HP Support and Drivers webpage. On this page, you can enter the product number of your unit, in your case: Scanjet 4600.

    This will redirect you to a page listing the different models that fall within your description. Choose the exact model you have to go to the next step.


    On the next page, you will see a list titled: Tasks for HP Scanjet 4600 Scanner series. The first item on the list reads “Download drivers and software.” Click this to get to the next step.

    Hp scanjet 4600 series Drivers Download

    You then choose your product again and then are redirected to a page that lists different computer operating systems. It is important that you choose the operating system version that is running on your computer because the drivers are written to create compatibility between specific programs and devices.

    On the next page, you will see different support options. A useful one to note is the offer to sign up to receive customized drivers, patches, security, and email alerts about new developments. Choosing this option might save you time in the future, rather than repeating this procedure. You can also click the Useful Link to Automatically check to see if the latest driver is installed correctly. This option might be your simplest best, especially if you aren’t exactly sure what you need. You can click this link and let the system figure it out for you. These applications will allow the HP system to analyze your computer’s programs and make sure it is running optimally. If there is missing software, the HP system will flag it, let you know, and suggest you download what you need.

    Under these offers is an option to order a CD-ROM or directly download your missing driver. You can check out the latest software offered for your system and either download or order what you are missing.

    Continue to follow the directions offered on the HP website until you get a page letting you know that you are successfully updated. That should do it! Good luck.

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