How to Update Driver Detective to your Computer

You can’t even remember the last time when you updated your drivers, and even if you did install some drivers you have no way of telling for sure if they were the latest released version. Knowing the exact driver release date and how many of your computer drivers are truly updated would take you lost of time to search, identify and compare.

If you have ever been an experienced loss of performance lately, if certain applications that should normally work on your video card do not work on your computer or if the internet speed is decreasing for some reason since you’ve installed that new wireless card it means that you have a driver problem. In fact, you have an updating problem to be precise because outdated drivers usually cause these errors when faced with new technology.

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With Driver Detective your computer will be scanned and a loss of all system drivers present will show the ones that need upgrading. You will always be certain that all your drivers are indeed up-to-date and there will never be driver related errors on your system. Using Driver Detective is the smartest way to get an updated system regardless of how many changes you put it through.

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4 Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Choose Driver Detective to Update your PC Drivers

1. Driver Detective Knows Anything and Everything About You Computer

And you don’t. Let’s face it, if you would misplace by accident the casing and the installing CD of your PC Devices, you would be lost. Could you tell me the exact version and its internal service code? Of course not, that info is only available to those who have it written down. But Driver Detective can immediately identify the exact type of Driver present on your system and then, according to the driver version already present, if any, install the appropriate Driver update right from the Vendors.

2. The Wrong Driver Installs and Major Hardware Errors Become a Distant Memory When Using Driver Detective

We all did install the wrong driver at some point. Maybe we thought the notebook had a different Device or maybe we didn’t know that the new Device we just got comes from a different manufacturer. Regardless, the errors a computer has to put up with when the wrong driver or driver version is installed are countless and they can lead to an unfortunate total system failure. With Driver Detective, all these worries are gone, because this software will never install a driver that does not belong on your system.

3. You’ll Know What Updates are Available and When the Next Releases are Scheduled

When you don’t have a program like Driver Detective to help you, you are totally unaware of driver changes and manufacturer upgrades. Drivers are not detected by windows through the automated updates section, so you’ll never know if you are up to date unless you constantly check and recheck the respective websites. The good news is that with Driver Detective this exhausting process can finally stop. The program immediately communicates with update servers and runs right at the moment a new release has been posted.

4. Suddenly, You are Not Alone Anymore Against A Whole Bunch of Technical Problems: Driver Detective Has Free Technical Support

Do you remember those times when you got too excited about the new software you got and started them only to realize you have no idea where to go next? This will never happen when you are using Driver Detective because there’s free technical support included with each download and a team of professionals is always ready to guide you step-by-step through the driver updating process.

Why do you need to Update Device Drivers?

Wondering why device drivers need constant changing and upgrading? Here you will learn how a simple and quick update can solve many computer-related problems and why identifying which components have out-of-date drives is a major factor inefficiency.

Slow computers, applications that don’t run, everything and anything related to a malfunction in a normally operating system, they all can get easily fixed if you only update device drivers. I’m sure you have been faced with system requirements for some apps you needed to install that specifically stated you need the latest video drivers installed prior to running them. But not all programs specify this; because it’s automatically assumed that users take good care of their systems and that they can and will update device drivers as often as needed.

To get the immediate update once it had been released for all and any of your computer components is a dream for most users. But looking for them and checking manufacturer’s websites constantly is quite time-consuming. Even when you think you have the correct driver, you might forget some important requirements and end up installing the wrong one, therefore destroying the good performance of your computer. The answer is a smart and well-thought software that can look for itself at your drivers’ version and then determine if they are correct, and search for any available updates.

With a driver hunter that can correct all errors and problems and will automatically update them as necessary, all your worries will be gone. No more headaches trying to find out just what type of video card you have because you’ve lost the installing disk and now you wanted to reinstall windows but have no drivers. No more long afternoon spent trying to make the computer run a certain application but never actually finding the perfect drivers. With the program that updates device drivers and installs the correct version of components on your system, everything will work as good as new.

The risk involved in manually downloading the required drivers for your PC!

You usually install the standard driver’s windows detects for your system and that’s it. Or maybe the ones present you the installing Cds of your devices. People don’t usually try to find updates for drivers unless one is required specifically by a certain application. And when that happens, all hell gets loose: a frenetic search for a driver, the realization that they don’t even know the exact type of component they own, then realizing they don’t know what date their installed driver was released, and finally choosing just any driver that seems appropriate and installing that just to get this over with.

Manually downloading and installing PC drivers can obviously cause lots of problems. You can download a driver that is not even made for your components, even one that belongs to some other manufacturer. And after you install it, nothing will work as before; instead of the expected improvement, you get a sudden performance decrease.

Sometimes people get confused by flashy ads and get directed to a malware website that is supposedly offering free drivers. Instead, they get a free virus and a couple of Trojans to go with it. You could free yourself from these risks by using specialized programs like Driver Detective when downloading the required drivers.

How Driver Detective can help you in downloading the right driver for your PC?

Choosing Driver Detective as your main assistant when it comes to driver downloads and upgrades eliminates all the human, internet and security-related risks. If you wonder how Driver Detective can be so proficient at its assigned tasks, things are simple: the program logs on to your computer, verifies the present hardware components then the list of installed drivers; if any error is present it will be immediately pointed out.

Furthermore, all drivers that are already present will be listed and checked. Then the program connects to the devices corresponding websites and verifies if there are any newer driver versions. Once one is identified, it gets automatically downloaded.

Driver Detective Windows 10

The best thing about Driver Detective is that it will only take into consideration drivers available from reputable and recognized sources. Thus there are no risks involved while using it and its accuracy is reputable. Getting the drivers right out of the official websites gives you the certainty that your computer will be fully protected against spyware attempts and viruses.

Driver Detective can and will detect any changes in online driver databases in a timely manner. Once you start using it, you will never need to worry about your computer’s drivers, since they will always be up-to-date and properly installed.

How Driver Detective Updates Your PC Drivers:

1. Scan:

Driver Detective

Driver Detective scans your computer and finds the missing and outdated Drivers.

2. Download:

Download Driver Detective

Driver Detective now downloads the latest drivers for your PC, directly from the Vendor.

3. Install Drivers:

Install Driver Detective

Once downloaded, Driver Detective installs all updated drivers in a matter of minutes. The installation process is fast and easy. A detailed report is then automatically generated for you to see which drivers were installed in the now repaired devices. Driver Detective always installs the latest driver for your PC or laptop.

Download Driver Detective Today & Keep Your PC Drivers Up-To-Date!

We have tested Driver Detective and we can assure that it is safe to download and does not contain any hidden viruses or spyware. Driver Detective can save hours of time which would have otherwise gone in manually downloading and installing the PC drivers!

Installing Driver Detective on Your Computer

If you want to choose Driver Detective as your help in updating all computer drivers, you will need to follow a few simple steps.

  • At first, download the setup program that will install Driver Detective on your computer. You can do so by clicking the Download link in the website’s menu or any of the Download links present above. The file is small, only 1MB, and will take just a few seconds to download to your computer.
  • Press a download link and save the file to your desktop. A file named DriverDetective.exe will appear on your desktop; double click it to run the installer.
  • You will be prompted to select the setup language, there are 6 languages available, and English is set by default. Press OK on this screen to load the windows installer.
  • The next prompting screen is the welcoming screen; just press next to move on and you will get to the End-User License Agreement. Read the agreement and then, if you fully agree with the term select “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” and press next.
  • The next screen allows you to select the folder in which the program will be installed. The default folder is in program files, PC Drivers HeadQuarters/Driver Detective. If you want the program installed in a different folder, you can click the Browse button and direct it to your specified folder. Else, just click next.
  • You will arrive on the screen right before the installation. This is the last point at which you can still go back and change the settings. To continue with the install, click install.
  • The Driver Detective setup will not proceed with the actual installation of Driver Detective files on your computer. This can take a few minutes, depending on the speed of your computer. After it’s done, the end screen will appear, and when you click finish Driver Detective program will launch so that you can finally start updating your computer’s drivers.

How to Permanently Uninstall Driver Detective from Your Computer

If you have decided to uninstall Driver Detective since you have updated all drivers or if you want to remove it from your system for any other reason, there are two major methods that can be used. It doesn’t matter which one you decide to try, because they both do the same thing: completely removing the Driver Detective software from your computer.

The first method to remove Driver Detective:

  • Open the Start Menu, and click on the Programs tab.
  • There, in the Driver Detective folder, you will be able to spot an Uninstall Driver Detective link that launches the process to uninstall Driver Detective.
  • Click that link to remove Driver Detective

The Second Method to remove Driver Detective:

The second way to remove Driver Detective from your computer is by manually using Windows’ built-in software that you can use to uninstall any program from your computer:

  • You can do so by click Start and then Control Panel.
  • Once the Control Panel window is active, locate a shortcut named Add or Remove Programs or Programs and Features in newer Windows versions as Vista and Windows 7.
  • Double-clicking it will show a new window with the entire list of programs that are installed on your computer.
  • Use the side scroll to locate Driver Detective, select it, and click Remove. This will launch the uninstalling process.