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How to Successfully Uninstall and Update your ATI Xpress Drivers

Are you constantly bothered by your faulty ATI Xpress drivers? Don’t throw out your computer just yet because the truth is, this kind of problem can be resolved from home without having to take your computer into some who-knows-what computer repair shop that will just take advantage of you for its costly repair prices. All you need to have is the right steps, an Internet connection and the computer itself and you are ready to embark on the seas of troubleshooting.

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Uninstalling ATI Xpress drivers and getting an updated one is the best solution for your random freezes and driver corruption. I am going to teach you how to successfully uninstall and will give you tips on how you can get the latest drivers easily, safely and hassle-free, so just read on.

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ATI Xpress drivers uninstall:

  • Go to Desktop.
  • Double-click My Computer.
  • Select Manage. Computer Management window will then pop-up.
  • Open System Tool.
  • Click Device Manager.
  • On the right window where you can see a list of all your computer devices, find Display Adapter where you will find the model of your video card.
  • Right-click on it and select the Uninstall button. Confirm upon prompt.
  • Click OK.

ATI Xpress drivers search:

You can choose from these options on how you can get your latest ATI Xpress drivers.

  • Go to ATI’s official website. Chances are, the site might confuse you so you can;
  • Look for the driver using your search engine. This is risky and if you are faint-hearted when it comes to viruses and spyware, go;
  • Get a driver scanner and scan your computer for all the device drivers that need to be updated. Let it automatically download and install the patched drivers for you and save yourself from the hassle of going through extensive lists of drivers that look alien, prevent the acquisition of viruses from random websites and do other things as it installs the drivers automatically for you.

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