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How to Install iPhone drivers NO iTunes needed

iPhone driver there are two things your computer needs to play with iPhone without iTunes:

iPhone driver USBAAPL.SYS( drivers are programs that allow your computer to interact with peripherals such as printers, digital cameras, mp3 players, etc. )

iTunes is waiting for Windows Update to Install the Driver for this iPhone

Windows Service Apple Mobile Device Support (services are small programs that start on your computer startup and work in the background)

Step1 – Install iPhone driver USBAAPL.SYS without iTunes

Iphone Driver Windows 10 Download

Download the drivers: Get here

Copy the file to this folder of your computer: C:\Windows\system32\drivers

iPhone DriverMore on this if you are really computer illiterate…

– Double click on “My Computer” on your Desktop or from the Start menu

– Double click on “Local Disk C

– Double click on the “Windows” folder

– Double click on the “system32″ folder

– Finally, drag the “usual.sys” file you just downloaded to the “system32″ folder ( upon download, the usual.sys file either ended on your Desktop or in your Downloads folder, typically My Documents > Downloads )

Step 2 – Start Apple Mobile Device Support service without iTunes

Connect iPhone to PC

Keep the Windows key of your keyboard down while you press R

In the “Run” window that opens, type services.MSC and click OK

In the “Services” window that appears, look for Apple Mobile Device Service and check its “Status

If it’s not started, right-click on it and select Start. If it’s already started, right-click on it and select Refresh

Now that iPhone / iPod Touch drivers are properly installed and Apple Mobile service is running, you should be able to Manage iPhone without iTunes

If not, your best bet is to install iTunes and remove it, which will install iPhone / iTouch drivers and Apple Mobile service automatically.

Install it.

Uninstall iTunes as follows:

Click Start ( menu ) > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs

In the list of programs, click on iTunes and click Remove on the right-hand side

iTunes removal tool windows 10

This will remove iTunes from your computer, but leave both USBAAPL.SYS drivers and Apple Mobile Device Support untouched, which means, from then on, you will be able to use an alternative iPhone manager such as  Manager, even though iTunes was removed from your PC.

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