How to Add ASUS SATA Driver to a Windows Installation?

Serial ATA (SATA or Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) is a computer bus interface for connecting host bus adapters to mass storage devices such as hard disk drives and optical drives. Sometimes when you install a new Windows XP to your computer, you may find there’s no ASUS SATA driver on your computer. Here we provide two methods to help you install the ASUS SATA driver for Windows XP. You can click ASUS Drivers to know about the second method.

Disable the Native-SATA in the BIOS

When the PC starts up, the first job for the BIOS is to initialize and identify system devices such as the video display card, keyboard and mouse, hard disk, CD/DVD drive, and other hardware. To add ASUS SATA driver to Windows, you can change settings in the BIOS mode. If the BIOS provides an option to disable the native-SATA configuration in the BIOS, do the following steps.

  • Step1. Turn off the computer.
  • Step2. Press the power button and press F10 to open the BIOS Setup.
  • Step3. Use the cursor to navigate the Configuration options to locate the Native-SATA setting.
  • Step4. If there is a SATA setting, select the Disable option, and then press F10 to save the changes and restart the computer. Now you can install Windows XP on your computer.
Note: that if there is no SATA setting, you should try other methods.

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Download an ASUS SATA Driver

BIOS is a little complex for some people. You can also consider downloading the ASUS SATA driver on the Internet. Here we recommend a perfect driver tool for you. With it, you can scan your computer and download the ASUS SATA driver easily. It can scan not only ASUS SATA driver’s problems but also all of the other driver problems of your computer. Follow the steps below to add an ASUS SATA driver.

  • Step1: Free download Driver Detective and install it, then run it and click “Scan Now“.
  • Step2: A few seconds later, it will show you a scan summary.

Install Driver Detective

  • Step3: Download and install the latest ASUS SATA driver for Windows by clicking, that’s all.
  • Free download the detective software and install the ASUS SATA driver by yourself now!

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