How To Add a Printer on Windows 10

Follow the below details for How To Add a Printer on Windows 10 | User always confusing about how to add a wireless printer on windows 10 because printers are must-have computer hardware for office and home users.

In this age of science and technology, electronic gadgets hold us together. Without these gadgets, most of our work would remain incomplete. Computers, mobiles, printers, scanners, and other things have become an integral part of our life.

How To Add a Printer on Windows 10

They not only save our effort but also help in a great time management program. Electronic gadgets are not only used by tech-savvy people or in the corporate world, but it has also become a compulsion and everyone around the world uses them.

Add a Printer Windows 10

People of all ages use electronic gadgets to complete their purposes. A student may use the computer to study and gather knowledge, an office-goer will use the computer and the printers to make a presentation and print it. An old man might use the mobiles or laptops to chat with his son or daughter who stays outside. The use of electronic gadgets is vast.

Step By Step Process For How To Add a Printer on Windows 10

Now for printing any page or photograph, you need to install the printers on your computer. Without installing it, the printers will not be able to print whenever it is asked to. Now there are several ways to install the printer into your computer or laptop and start working. But if you face any problem while installing it, you may go through the following steps to ensure the completion of the installing process.

Here is a Way How To Add a Wireless Printer to Windows 10

  • Connect HP printer to computer or the laptop with the USB data cable.
  • Choose the ‘Add printer and scanner option’.
  • In the windows, the menu looks for the ‘Change device installation settings’ and opens it.
  • In the device installation settings window, select the ‘YES’ option and then click ‘save changes’

If you are trying How To Add a Network Printer on Windows 10,  then follows the following steps;

  • Use the printers LCD panel to enter into the wireless setup
  • Select your WiFi network. For this process, you would have to know the SSID of the network you choose to use, which can be easily found out by hovering the mouse on the WiFi icon in the taskbar.
  • Enter your network password.

Problems may arise if the printer is kept far away from the computer and the WiFi source, so try to keep it as close as possible. The windows features also have a networking facility called HomeGroup that automatically connects and share printers and files with other computers on that network. Here you can select the HomeGroup and have the facility of the shared printer.

If you are using windows 7 and want to know about How To Add a Printer on Windows 10 and install it on your computer or laptop then here are some of the steps to install an HP printer driver in Windows 7;

  • In windows search and open the control panel.
  • Click ‘Devices and Printers’ and then click ‘add a printer’.
  • Select Use an existing port and then click Next

If the printer is a wireless one then perform the following steps.

  • Use the wireless setup wizard on the printer.
  • Know the network SSID of the network you are intending to use
  • Enter the security password of that network

For installing the printer driver with the Add a Printer Wizard

  • Open the control panel in the windows
  • Click ‘Devices and Printers’ and then open ‘Add a printer’
  • Select ‘Add a printer or Bluetooth’
  • Click on the ‘Select Printer’ window, select your printer and then click Next.

These are the steps that can be followed by anyone HP printer install wizard and work with their printer at ease.

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