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How Do I Get My Printer Online?

    Everyone in their life faced How Do I Get My Printer Online, Having a working printer is crucial for any workplace. Whether it is in an office, in schools, colleges, and universities, or even at home, printers prove to be very efficient and play a pivotal role.

    But with a printer comes numerous problems, starting from as little as paper jams to connectivity problems.

    Printer problems might be frustrating, mostly due to a lack of knowledge on how to deal with them. One of the most common problems that a user faces is connectivity issues. Often, a printer shows its status offline in a connected device and thus prevents its usage.

    How Do I Get My Printer Online Uptodrivers

    How Do I Get My Printer Online

    Reasons Why Your Printer Might Be Offline And Also Solution For How Do I Get My HP Printer From Offline To Online?

    Procedure 1

    1) Wireless Connectivity: One of the main reasons why your printer might be showing it is offline is due to improper connectivity. If your printer supports wireless connectivity, it is imperative that your device and the printer are connected to the same network at all times. To make sure that your printer is connected properly to your wireless network, follow these steps to know how do I get my printer back online:

    • Stage 1: Assemble your printer and connect the power cord to an electrical outlet. Switch the printer on.
    • Stage 2: Click on the Menu button of the printer and search for a Network option. Options might be different for different printers, make sure to read the manual guide.
    • Stage 3: Select the WLAN Wizard option of your printer to set up your network connection.
    • Stage 4: A list of available Wireless networks within the susceptible range of the printer.
    • Stage 5: Select your WiFi network to which you want your printer to connect and also, select the encryption type of the network. There will be a list of encryption types like WPA, WEP, etc. and you need to choose the correct one.
    • Stage 6: Finally, enter your password and your Brother Printer will be connected to your WiFi network.

    Procedure 2

    2) Wrong Driver: If your device and your printer are connected via a USB cable, then you need to install the right drivers in your device for your printer to actually work. Many times, wrong or outdated drivers installed in your device can cause problems in printers like How Do I Get My Printer Online. Here are some steps to help you install the correct drivers:

    • Step 1: Get your printer assembled and connect the power cord to your printer and then to an electrical outlet. Turn on your printer.
    • Step 2: Connect the USB cable to your Printer and then to your computer or laptop with Mac or Windows Operating System.
    • Step 3: Your device will automatically install the given driver configuration for that model of the printer.
    • Step 4: If your device’s database does not have that specific Printer model driver in its data source then go to the official website of your printer company where drivers for all operating systems and printer models are available. From there, you can download and install the needed driver by entering your printer’s model name and design and choosing the Operating System of your device.
    • Step 5: After successfully downloading the driver, open downloaded drivers and select the printer driver. Select “Accept Agreement” and install the driver on your device to complete the setup.

    Make sure you do not download any duplicate drivers from websites other than the original one because they might contain some virus that can potentially harm or manipulate the security of your device.

    Here are some general troubleshooting steps to combat the “How Do I Get My Printer Online ?” issue:

    1. Make sure that the WiFi network your wireless printer is connected to is the same one that your device is connected to.
    2. Sometimes running a printer as well as a device power cycle might help. Switch off your device and turn off your printer. Unplug it and wait for 30 seconds. Plug it in again and turn on the printer and the device.
    3. Make sure your printer is the default printer selected on your device.

    Go to the Settings option of your computer then select Printers. Select your printer and then click on Open Queue. Cancel all the documents listed under it.

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