Final Cut Pro Free Download For Mac

Final Cut Pro is a popular solution for video editing and post-production. This version of the famous program contains all key functionality of Final Cut Studio. Users will enjoy efficient work with numerous tools dedicated to sound editing, grading of colors, and much more. You can also expand the functionality of your software with Compressor and Motion that are available separately.

Main Features of the Release

High-Quality Video Editing
The program perfectly fits the needs of modern editors. The program uses a new approach to video editing that is more dynamic compared to the traditional timeline. Such an interface allows experimenting with videos on a deeper level, expressing your vision precisely.

Magnetic Timeline
Magnetic Timeline available in Final Cut Pro is the most comprehensive and flexible way of video editing. All you need to do is to put together different clips and shots and stick them “magnetically” without any gaps. The program makes all syncing issues really simple, so you can be more concentrated on making the story, than thinking about how to solve editing complications.

Simplified clip connection
Use Clip Connections to put the content of different types including videos, clips, or B-roll to one timeline. When you make changes, these connected files will move together, so you will not waste time putting all files in order once you make a change.

Work without clutters
Forget about the clutter in the timeline using Compound Clips that allows placing groups of elements into one clip. Compound Clips can be easily used in other projects with just one click. Of course, users can edit all individual elements at any time.

Professional pacing and precision editor
Timeline is not very convenient when it comes to traditional trimming. Magnetic timeline simplifies this and makes all slide edits, rolling and slipping much easier. Users can also open Precision Editor that can easily make trims directly in the timeline. Precision Editor is also the simplest way to use either unused or used parts of your clips.

With this option, users can efficiently gather various unused materials in one place. Get together all your spare shots, b-roll shots, color grades, variations of the same lines, and used effects, so you can use them with ease in the future. Making an Audition is truly simple – grad unused stuff to the same place and select the “Add to Audition” option from the timeline.

Organizing your assets
This version of Final Cut Pro is perfect for dealing with various media formats. Users will benefit from the large support of all popular media types.

Auto-Analysis tool
Prepare your media faster and analyze your content during editing. Auto-Analysis tool will add metadata automatically. Users can also set up tags, and define the type of the shot (how many people are there, etc.). These tags will be then used to fasten your search.

Auto-Analysis can be turned in once you add clips to the program, or you can try it at any time. This tool will also help you to define the best shots as it provides analysis according to such parameters as image stabilization, the balance of colors, distortion, and other common problems.

Keywords based on ranges
Users can create their own keywords, assign them to clip ranges, and use them in the future to make work faster. Another way to sort your data is to use the Filmstrip tool.

Smart Collections tool
You can move and organize your videos in several ways using Smart Collections. Define the parameters of your search (metadata and keywords) and then save this search in Smart Collection. Each time you add videos to the program, Final Cut Pro will analyze them and add them to Smart Collection in case they match your requirements. Smart Collections can also gather shots, defining them by such parameters as the type of a shot or the number of people in it.

Content Library access
Preview photos, music, sound effects, and other media content without leaving Final Cut Pro by using the built-in browser. Photos Browser will automatically show you the contents of your Aperture and iPhoto libraries. Music can be conveniently got from iTunes (Final Cut Pro supports both ACC and MP3 files). The program itself has a built-in library with more than 1300 free sound effects, numerous textures, and backgrounds. All content from this library can be added to the timeline using simple drag-and-drop.

High-quality performance
Final Cut Pro is optimized for work with Mac OS X and multicore computers, so users will enjoy smooth work and amazing results.

64-bit system support
Work faster and get all benefits of expanded RAM that are offered by 64-bit architecture.

Support for large resolutions
Final Cut Pro supports numerous image sizes from SD to 4K.

Optimized GPU performance
Work in a smooth environment, add complex effects to high-resolution content and see changes applied in real-time thanks to GPU utilization.

Optimized CPU performance
The program uses all cores of your computer, making processing really smooth.

Simultaneous processing and editing
Forget about doing only one thing at a time. With the Final Cut, Pro X users can run transcoding or rendering on background, and keep editing content.

Color consistency
Make sure your colors will be synced and stay the same across QuickTime, Motion, Compressor, and Final Cut Pro.

Faster rendering and shared rendering engine
Get high-quality rendering and amazing performance with Final Cut Pro, Compressor, and Motion. They all use the same rendering engine that enables smooth and high-end performance.

All Features

Stunning performance
Enjoy amazing speed and professional results at any stage of your work with one of the best post-production workflows in the industry.

64-bit system support
This version of the program is no longer limited to 4GB of RAM, which is provided by all 32-bit applications. Final Cut Pro will use all RAM of your computer, making work with large files much faster. This is particularly important when you work with large projects or projects with multiple layers and complicated effects.

Accelerated GPU performance
Acceleration through the resources of the graphics card is a great way to make rendering and previewing much faster. This feature also allows playing effects in real-time during your creative process.

Processing on background
This feature is very handy and will save you lots of time. Continue your creative process even when rendering, moving and transcoding tasks are performed in the background.

ColorSync management
Final Cut Pro uses ColorSync presented by Apple. This color management feature makes sure the colors will look the same during producing, processing, rendering, and export.

Same rendering engine

Enjoy fast work and quality results with a powerful rendering engine that is the same for Final Cut Pro, Compressor, and Motion. This engine allows using templates from Motion in Final Cut Pro without any rendering. To provide users with even more realistic results, the engine supports linear-light color space.

Cocoa support
Final Cut Pro also provides support for Apple Cocoa Framework. Enjoy more responsive and user-friendly applications with the support of such technologies as Cocoa and Core Animation.

Faster processing

Final Cut Pro uses Grand Central Dispatch to make the program’s performance even more efficient. Owners of Intel-based Macs will also benefit from the support of AVX capabilities present in Sandy Bridge by Intel.

Precise monitoring
When you start background processes, you will always know how your multicore processors are loaded. You can also use the Background Tasks window that displays information about processors and their progress. You can cancel any background process manually at any time.

Improved rendering

Color space calculations present in this program will make your work super realistic with extraordinary precision and attention to such details as scales, blurs, and lighting.

Advanced import

With Final Cut Pro you can start editing media files immediately, even though they are still importing. The program supports the widest range of popular file formats including native video formats.

Expanded support for native media files
Import videos directly from your camcorder to Final Cut Pro without any transcoding. This program supports various popular formats including videos made by DSLR, AVCHD, H.264, and other professional formats. The program also provides support for extra-large resolutions up to 4K. Compressed audio formats are surely not a problem – Final Cut Pro can work with MP3 and AAC. Use iTunes as your built-in media library and transfer audio from it to Final Cut Pro with just one click. If your Mac has a built-in camera or you use Apple LED Cinema Display, you can also capture video with this program.

Import from iMovie

iMovie is tightly connected with Final Cut Pro, so you can transfer all your projects and events made in iMovie to it. Make your work more convenient and make some rough editing in iMovie, and then transfer your work to Final Cut Pro for full editing. If iMovie is your primary program, make a step to more professional work and try Final Cut Pro to polish your works.

Expanded file format support
Users, who capture videos by using cameras that record memory cards, will enjoy expanded support for various file formats. All needed codecs can be easily imported to the program. Just insert your SD card into your Mac and start editing immediately. Final Cut Pro will automatically transfer your video content from the card and will allow you to work with native file format or transcode it to ProRes. All transcoding is done automatically in the background and you can keep working with the file while it is converted.

Import of tape content

If your capture videos on tape-based devices, you can work with DV capture by using FireWire. Capturing tapes by using third-party video cards is also supported. Capturing is also usually done in the background, but you can choose to use a dedicated capture station.

Work with proxy media

The creation of proxy media is a great idea when you need to work outside your main studio computer and do not want to copy large and heavy files. Final Cut Pro will create lightweight proxies that can be easily transferred to your notebook. Once you are back, connect to your main computer again and keep working with the original files.

Management features
Final Cut Pro is also equipped with a convenient media organizer. You don’t need to copy or move files to make them available for search. Just a few clips and all information you need is here.

Auto-Analysis of content
Increase the speed of your work dramatically by choosing Content Auto-Analysis when you import files to the program. Analyzing is quite a processor-intensive process, but you can run it in the background, enjoying convenient video editing.

Detection of files
The analysis provided by Final Cut Pro covers the import of metadata that simplifies the management of clips and their future processing. The program will also define the type of the content (whether it is video only, video + audio, only audio, or just a still image). If you import your media from the camera, it will be fully added with all detailed metadata, making search and organizing really simple.

Finding people

Auto-Analysis also has some extra features. For example, when you add content that contains people, the program will define how many people are present on the shot. Use Smart Collections to organize these shots under various criteria.

Shaky content determining
As a rule, a part of media is not good for editing due to its poor quality. Final Cut Pro helps to solve this problem by adding the Stabilization feature. When you add content to the program, it detects shaky media and enhances its quality automatically. All results can be seen in real-time.

Color balance adjustment
The analysis of color balance is performed frame-by-frame in Final Cut Pro. Use the Color Balance feature to optimize your media or select specific frames that need to be improved.

Fixing of most common problems
Final Cut Pro will fix such widely spread problems as excessive noise, hum, silent channels, and more when you import content to the program.

Work with keywords
Adding keywords to your media is a wonderful way to manage your collection and make searching fast. Keywords can be assigned not only to full videos but also to sequences or specified ranges of time. Keyboard shortcuts will help you to work even faster. Finally, the Keyword Collection tool displays the full list of keywords used and allows combining both metadata and keywords.

Convenient views
Event Browser features Filmstrip view that allows screening your media and finding all things you need really fast. Another way of viewing is List view that allows combining metadata and visual reference. List view is great for searching.

Smart Collection
Smart Collection is a handy organizer. As a rule, many file managers move files to someplace and only then allow sorting them. With Smart Collection there’s no need to move or duplicate anything. After you use the Content Auto-Analysis tool, the system will also remember all keywords and metadata. This will help you to organize your shots, for example, by date or the model of the camera.

Convenient search

Search by Event is a handy way to get full sets of clips. Add clips with Content Auto-Analysis, create a search based on an event in your Smart Collection and get all results displayed immediately.

Arranging Events and videos

Event Browser provides users with fast grouping features. Use information from metadata to find clips that are similar by such criteria as the duration of a scene, type of media, reel, and more.

Defining the clips you like
Users can add clips or groups of clips to Favorites with just one click. You can return to them later at any moment. If some clip, segment, or selection is not good for you, use the Reject function to hide it. Users can also select various types of displaying files. Select to display only Favorites or only Rejected files for fast and convenient search.

Music and photo browsing
Final Cut Pro comes with a built-in Photo Browser that provides users with quick access to iPhoto and Aperture. Your music files and sound effects, which are conveniently stored in iTunes, can be also added to this program with ease. Final Cut Pro comes with over 1300 absolutely free sound effects that will help you to make your soundtracks faster. The program provides support for AAC and MP3 file formats, so no transcoding is required – use drag and drop to add sound files to your timeline.

Timeline Index tool
This tool is great for quick navigation. Jump to clips, items, or keywords with ease. See only the items that fall under your request by using information filters. The timeline index allows viewing and checking off to-do items.

High-quality video editing

Final Cut Pro comes with numerous effects that target different types of work with video content. Move, edit, skip elements, add different effects and combine content with ease. This program provides users with high-quality results.

Magnetic Timeline

Usual timelines are track-based. Magnetic Timeline offers absolutely new experience. Forget about complicated syncing or problems with clip collision. When you add new elements to your timeline, all clips get close to each other, so there will be no free space between them. Double-click on each element and you will be able to edit or review the complete clip.

Filmstrip skimming

This is the most convenient way to view large amounts of media files. Use skimming in Filmstrip to find the best takes and find what you need within seconds using keywords. Make your navigation and editing even simpler by combining Playhead with Skimmer.

Flawless connections
This release also features simplified positioning of titles, music, b-roll, sound effects, and more in the timeline. Users can establish connections between different elements and media.

Compound Clips tool

When you aim to gather different clips in one timeline or Event Browser, you can bring them all together into one Compound Clip. You can set up the type of the clip (video, audio, graphics, and so on), and enjoy even faster changes.

Use of Auditions
This tool is great for trying various shots. Add different clips and then see which one works the best. You can also see the same clip with different effects, try various montages and test your clip in context. As has already been mentioned, the magnetic timeline adjusts your clips automatically, so there will be no gaps between the clips.

Precision Editor
Make a double-click on any edit point and you will see Inline Precision Editor, which allows making fine-tuning of your project’s timing. Use skimming to find the best point for editing.

Simplified editing features
Much attention in Final Cut Pro is paid to tools that will make the editing fast and flawless. It is widely known that users enjoy having things done in a simpler and most time-consuming manner. Especially for this purpose this program supports drag-and-drop and contains numerous intuitive icons that will make video editing more exciting and less complicated.

Connect feature allows adding b-roll and other attached clips to Primary Storyline. If your project is rather complicated, you can add a secondary storyline and add or manage files in it.

Insert feature is perfect for the precise placing of files into your storyline. Don’t forget about the magnetic Timeline that will do accurate placing for you – just indicate the place that is suitable for you and enjoy all other things done automatically.

Overwrite tool is great for work selected ranges. Here Shift key on your keyboard will be used as a modifier.

Replace tool. Here everything is simple – swap one element for another.

The classic Three-point editing is particularly great when it comes to combining it with Magnetic Timeline.
Don’t forget to try the “Top and Tail” technique that is loved by numerous professionals all over the world.

Make positioning and arranging your clips in a timeline more efficient and flexible with Position. When you move content, this tool will leave a gap between the materials, making it simple to fill this gap with a new video. When you don’t need this tool anymore, it’s time to turn Position off and Magnetic Timeline will get all files back without any gaps.

Professional Transitions
You will find as many as 90 transitions of professional quality that will help you to connect files in a stress-free manner. Adding transitions is very simple – just select the transition you like and use drag-and-drop to add it to Timeline.

Adjusting the appearance of clips
Your timeline view can be also adjusted according to your taste. Adjust the height of the clip, thumbnails, and the way audio forms displaying – The clip Appearance window contains numerous adjustments for efficient work.

Retiming features

Adjust the speed of your project, control the speed of playback and perform other actions with Retiming feature. With Final Cut, Pro users will forget about Bezier curves that are so difficult to work with. Audio retiming tools will make the music selection precise and the voiceover will fit the picture perfectly.

Video Effects in Final Cut Pro

The choice of video effects in Final Cut Pro is really wide. Select from glows, blurs, numerous lighting effects, and more. There is no need to apply the effect to see if it fits. The program provides users with accurate thumbnails that allow previewing the effect before actually applying.

Keyframes editing

There is no need to use some separate workflow to edit keyframes as your timeline provides you with full functionality.

Free animations
Another free collection of elements in Final Cut Pro are animated transitions, titles, various sequences of effects, and more. All these elements are created by true professionals and designers that bring Hollywood quality to your home. Themes Browser provides users with accurate previews, and applying them is also very simple. Make animated adjustments that deliver great results and are available for future editing and customization in Motion.


The title is an essential part of any movie. Add high-quality titles using Final Cut Pro templates that are included in this program. Users are free to choose from over 150 animated templates that make your videos look polished and completed. Of course, you can create your own titles and add animations to them in Motion 5 – a program dedicated to motion graphics, which features a tight collaboration with Final Cut Pro.

Motion 5 integration
In case of Motion 5 is installed on your computer, you can click on any title, video generator, or transition in Final Cut Pro and customize it in Motion 5. Once your work in Motion 5 is done, its result will be automatically transferred to Final Cut Pro.

Work with audio

When you import audio files to Final Cut Pro, you can improve numerous common problems by applying the automatic enhancement. Final Cut Pro will efficiently reduce such problems as hum, background noise, and will adjust volume levels to avoid sudden changes. Fix and Analyze functions will be very useful here. They will remove silent audio channels and provide efficient audio configurations. Finally, the Inspector tool allows fixing various problems with audio and allows making your audio clips truly unique.

Audio syncing
Nowadays many people prefer to record video and high-quality audio separately on DSLR cameras and camcorders. Final Cut Pro will sync video and audio automatically by analyzing waveforms. In case the audio from the camera is not available, the program will use the timecode feature to sync the separately recorded audio with the picture.

Audio effects
Effects Browser contains many effects for work with audio. The collection includes over 100 different effects and plug-ins that can change your audio the way you want. Over 40 effects have been developed by Logic Studio and come with their own interfaces for precise adjustment.

Surround mixing

Improve the quality of your sound and enjoy 5.1 sound thanks to numerous presents included in the program. Mixing in Final Cut Pro is really simple and convenient. Customize your preferences and add keyframes to make all adjustments connected with panning really simple.

EQ Improvements

Final Cut Pro comes with high-quality 10-band and 31-band equalizers.

Audio recording
Make your music – it’s very simple with Final Cut Pro! Just select the type of the input device, adjust volume, choose the type of monitoring and start! You can do all these in the Record Audio tool.

Color matching
If you have clips that are recorded at different times of the day or with different cameras, the color can be different. It takes hours of work to adjust colors, but with the Match Color function, you can save much time. Final Cut Pro will adjust colors automatically so that they will match the best way possible. If you have a movie with great colors, you can also use this feature to copy its color scheme and apply it to your work. You can even use a reference image and turn your work into a sci-fi, noir, or grunge movie.

Work with waveforms and histograms

High-quality waveforms and vectorscope monitors included in this program provide professional color monitoring and brightness adjustment. Users may also enjoy working with a histogram included in Final Cut Pro. It is very close to the one present in Aperture – the famous photo editing program.

Optimized video content
When your project is ready, you can select the type of output with just a few clicks. Prepare content for various Apple devices, web, discs, or playback in QuickTime.

Burning on discs

Final Cut Pro contains all tools needed for preparing DVD or Blu-ray discs. Create full movies, add themed menus, and enjoy the wide choice of templates that will make all preparations hassle-free.

Share your videos with the world
Final Cut Pro contains direct sharing of videos into CNN iReport, Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo.

Minimum system requirements:

  • Intel-based Mac computer with Core 2 Duo processor or faster;
  • 2GB of RAM minimum (4GB or more recommended);
  • Mac OS X ver.10.6.7 or newer;
  • Graphics card with OpenCL support (Intel HD Graphics 3000 or equivalent recommended);
  • Min 256MB of VRAM;
  • Screen resolution starting from 1280×768;
  • 2.4GB of free space on a hard disk drive;
  • ProKit 7.0 or later.

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