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Driver Detective Resources

When you need to do a quick driver search yourself, or if you simply can’t find a specific driver you’ve been looking for, even if it isn’t the newest release, there are some other places around the internet where you can try to look for it manually. If after downloading Driver Detective you still want to manually search for a device driver, you can safely access any of the below links where you will be faced with various authentic drivers.

Driver Detective Unlimited Resources

Please keep in mind that the easiest and safest way to get the best drivers for your computer devices is by directly using Driver Detective, but if you still need to look and see a driver for yourself, these links are safe to access. All the websites below have been picked out by our team of experts from the thousands of locations available, just to make sure you get the best there is.

Driver Detective Features

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  • Downloads: 2373763
  • Update Date: June 17, 2020
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  • Operating Systems: Windows® 7, Vista, XP Pro, XP Home, 2008, 2008 R2 Server, 2003 Server, 2000 in all 32-bit or 64-bit versions.

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In case you have problems with any of the links or if you might want to suggest other important links you think should be present here, don’t hesitate and contact us through the contact page.

Download Drivers Manually from the Manufacturer

ASUS Drivers – For those of you that are using ASUS notebooks or have any ASUS devices installed on your desktop computer, such as DVD Writers, you can easily access the manufacturer’s web page here and then you can browse through their list of products and identify you’re or just report an issue of any components at their Support page.

ATI Drivers – Most people have an ATI video card installed, it doesn’t really matter if we own a laptop or a desktop computer. Because ATI is such popular video cards, the direct link provided here that lets you directly search for drivers depending on your operating system version and the type of video card you use proves to be very useful to the majority of people.

Intel Drivers – Whenever you are facing trouble with components manufactured by Intel, you can access this direct link that leads to their download center. There you will find various types of driver updates and other related software. All you need to do is fill in the required info before locating the specific drivers that are suitable for your system.

HP Drivers – The HP webpage is very useful for those that own HP notebooks, but also for people that have purchased their plug and play devices and peripherals, as a printer and all-in-one products. Here you will be given full support for any new or used HP products, and you will be able to find specific driver versions for various supported operating systems.

Dell Drivers – One of the easiest websites to manage by a normal computer user is the one present at Dell since they have a well-organized support center that can help you get the exact drivers for your devices. They guide the driver or related software search not only on the model of your notebook or device but also on the Service Number that’s present at the back of the product. This way you get drivers that are specifically targeted to your owned device.

Toshiba Drivers – If you have a Toshiba notebook, then their website is the place to access. They offer a wide variety of drivers structured by version and manufacturing year and you can easily find all the drivers, bios updates or other related software that you are looking for even if you own an earlier version of Toshiba notebook.

IBM Drivers – One of the proud owners of IBM products? There’s no better place to manually search for the driver updates you need other than their own website. The extended support features allow the user to immediately locate the exact model they own and then to select one of the recommended updates that are present on the website.

Samsung Drivers – When interested in Samsung updates, you can go directly onto their website where there is a download center quite similar to the ones you find for other major notebook manufacturers. Here there will be visible new reassessed and recommended updates you can download for your system.

Realtek AC97 Drivers – The all so popular sound cards that have been manufactured for so long by Realtek are still a bit hit and are included in most systems, especially in notebooks, so you probably own one as well. But as they also warm the user, if you want to get an audio driver update you have to make sure you also have the latest version of the motherboard drivers, so that they are compatible.

NVIDIA Drivers – Who didn’t encounter problems with the very difficult NVIDIA Drivers that are never completely done and always need updating? Since they do release great video cards, you still use them but if you want them to work at the full performance you will have to download the latest drivers that you can find on their website on the attached link.

Gigabyte Drivers – As one of the greatest motherboard manufacturer’s Gigabyte offers a professional download center for users, where you will find all possible bios and driver updates you can install on your notebook or computer. But you still need to know a few technical features included in your motherboard to identify the correct driver, or at least its complete name.

Canon Drivers – Our photos look better and last longer with the marvelous Canon printers that have really gone over the limits the past few years, but unfortunately when we install one it’s never really plugged and play as it’s supposed to. Accessing the official Canon Website you can finally get that printer up and running and start printing your everlasting photos.

Cmedia Drivers – Life sounds better with Cmedia products, but it can even sound crystal clear when you download the correct drivers for your installed devices. On the official Cmedia website you can easily locate and install the needed updates that are required on your system to assure you will get no conflicts whatsoever.

Free Driver Downloads:

Softonic – One of the best free websites that offer support when installing drivers on any computer and that guides the user throughout the entire process. Here you can find all types of free drives and updates, both new and old, and also get some assistance while installing so you don’t do more harm than good.

Softpedia – We all heard of it, it’s the number one location for both free and licensed downloads when it comes to computer software. People all over the world use it to get new programs and applications, but not everyone knows they also offer free driver downloads using an extensive database. Basically, here you will find all the possible manufacturer drivers and more, all compiled into one big database.

DriversKit – This website is not as popular as the ones above but it’s a very good location when you are looking for both conventional and over the edge updates for your computer. For bold users that want to turn their devices into super performance products, this is the place to start downloading drivers from.

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