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Download Latest Vivo USB Drivers and Installation Guide

Vivo USB DriversYou are probably wondering why you would need Vivo USB drivers. No matter what types of Vivo devices you have, you want to make sure that you have chosen the right driver to help you manage and arrange your mobile devices. So, what’s the deal about the driver, anyway? What’s the function and the handy tips to use it?

Vivo Android USB Drivers

The matter of a USB driver is crucial when you want to connect your mobile device to your phone. Using the USB enables you to do several things, such as viewing your files and folders in your laptop or computer, transferring the data to your computer, backing up important data from the mobile devices to the computer, or synchronizing the data, files, and folders. Of course, you can always send those files away with Bluetooth or other wireless options, but connecting your mobile devices physically to your computers will be so much easier and also faster.

Here we have provided Vivo USB drivers for all models based on their model numbers.

Download Latest Vivo USB Drivers For All Devices

Model NameDownload
Vivo 1601Driver
Vivo 1606Driver
Vivo 1714Driver
Vivo I1927Driver
Vivo iQOODriver
Vivo iQOO 3 5GDriver
Vivo iQOO 3 5G I1927Driver
Vivo iQOO 3 5G I1928Driver
Vivo iQOO 3 5G PD1955FDriver
Vivo iQOO 3 5G V1955ADriver
Vivo iQOO NeoDriver
Vivo iQOO Neo 855Driver
Vivo iQOO Neo 855 PlusDriver
Vivo iQOO Neo 855 Racing V1936ALDriver
Vivo iQOO Neo 855 Racing V1936TLDriver
Vivo iQOO Neo 855 V1936ADriver
Vivo iQOO Neo 855 V1936TDriver
Vivo iQOO Neo 855SDriver
Vivo iQOO Neo V1914ADriver
Vivo iQOO PD1824Driver
Vivo iQOO ProDriver
Vivo iQOO Pro 5GDriver
Vivo iQOO Pro 5G PD1916Driver
Vivo iQOO Pro 5G V1916ADriver
Vivo iQOO Pro 5G V1916TDriver
Vivo iQOO Pro V1922ADriver
Vivo NexDriver
Vivo Nex Dual DisplayDriver
Vivo Nex PD1805FDriver
Vivo Nex PD1821Driver
Vivo Nex 2Driver
Vivo Nex 3Driver
Vivo Nex 3 5GDriver
Vivo Nex 3 5G 1913Driver
Vivo Nex 3 5G V1924ADriver
Vivo Nex 3 5G V1924TDriver
Vivo Nex 3 1908Driver
Vivo Nex 3 1912Driver
Vivo Nex 3 V1923ADriver
Vivo Nex 3 V1923TDriver
Vivo Nex 3S 5GDriver
Vivo Nex ADriver
Vivo Nex SDriver
Vivo S1 Helio P65Driver
Vivo S1 PD1913FDriver
Vivo S1 Pro 1920Driver
Vivo S1 ProDriver
Vivo S1 Pro PD1832Driver
Vivo S1 Pro PD1945FDriver
Vivo S1 Pro SD665Driver
Vivo S1 Pro V1832ADriver
Vivo S1 Pro V1832TDriver
Vivo S1 V1907Driver
Vivo S5Driver
Vivo S5 V1932ADriver
Vivo S5 V1932TDriver
Vivo S6Driver
Vivo S6 5G PD1962Driver
Vivo S6 5G V1962ADriver
Vivo S6 5G V1962BADriver
Vivo S6TDriver
Vivo S7iDriver
Vivo S7WDriver
Vivo S9Driver
Vivo S12Driver
Vivo U1Driver
Vivo U3Driver
Vivo U3 V1941ADriver
Vivo U3 V1941TDriver
Vivo U3XDriver
Vivo U10Driver
Vivo U10 PD1928FDriver
Vivo U20Driver
Vivo U20 PD1941FDriver
Vivo V1Driver
Vivo V1 MaxDriver
Vivo V3Driver
Vivo V3 MaxDriver
Vivo V3 Max PD1523FDriver
Vivo V3MADriver
Vivo V5Driver
Vivo V5Driver
Vivo V5 1601Driver
Vivo V5 LiteDriver
Vivo V5 PD1612FDriver
Vivo V5 PlusDriver
Vivo V5 LiteDriver
Vivo V5 PlusDriver
Vivo V5SDriver
Vivo V7Driver
Vivo V7 PlusDriver
Vivo V71Driver
Vivo V7PlusDriver
Vivo V9Driver
Vivo V9 6GBDriver
Vivo V9 PD1730CFDriver
Vivo V9 PD1730FDriver
Vivo V9 ProDriver
Vivo V9 YouthDriver
Vivo V9 Youth PD1730BFDriver
Vivo V11Driver
Vivo V11 ProDriver
Vivo V11 Pro PD1814FDriver
Vivo V11 SD660Driver
Vivo V11iDriver
Vivo V15Driver
Vivo V15 ProDriver
Vivo V15 Pro PD1832FDriver
Vivo V17Driver
Vivo V17 1919Driver
Vivo V17 NeoDriver
Vivo V17 PD1948BFDriver
Vivo V17 PD1948CFDriver
Vivo V17 PD1948FDriver
Vivo V17 ProDriver
Vivo V17 Pro 1909Driver
Vivo V17 Pro 1910Driver
Vivo V17 Pro PD1931FDriver
Vivo V17 SD675Driver
Vivo V17 V1945ADriver
Vivo V17 V1945TDriver
Vivo V19Driver
Vivo V1955ADriver
Vivo X1Driver
Vivo X1SDriver
Vivo X1STDriver
Vivo X3FDriver
Vivo X3LDriver
Vivo X3SDriver
Vivo X3tDriver
Vivo X3VDriver
Vivo X5Driver
Vivo X5 Max FDriver
Vivo X5 Max LDriver
Vivo X5 Max PlusDriver
Vivo X5 Max SDriver
Vivo X5 Max VDriver
Vivo X5 Pro DDriver
Vivo X5 Pro VDriver
Vivo X5FDriver
Vivo X5LDriver
Vivo X5MDriver
Vivo X5 MaxDriver
Vivo X5 Max FDriver
Vivo X5 Max Platinum EditionDriver
Vivo X5 Max PlusDriver
Vivo X5 Max VDriver
Vivo X5 ProDriver
Vivo X5 Pro Telecom EditionDriver
Vivo X5SLDriver
Vivo X5VDriver
Vivo X6Driver
Vivo X6 Plus ADriver
Vivo X6 Plus DDriver
Vivo X6ADriver
Vivo X6DDriver
Vivo X6LDriver
Vivo X6 PlusDriver
Vivo X6 Plus ADriver
Vivo X6 Plus LDriver
Vivo X6SDriver
Vivo X6S ADriver
Vivo X6S PlusDriver
Vivo X6S Plus ADriver
Vivo X7Driver
Vivo X7 PlusDriver
Vivo X9Driver
Vivo X9 PlusDriver
Vivo X9SDriver
Vivo X9S PlusDriver
Vivo X20Driver
Vivo X20 PlusDriver
Vivo X20 Plus UDDriver
Vivo X21Driver
Vivo X21 PD1728FDriver
Vivo X21 UDDriver
Vivo X21iDriver
Vivo X21sDriver
Vivo X23Driver
Vivo X23 Symphony EditionDriver
Vivo X27Driver
Vivo X27 ProDriver
Vivo X30Driver
Vivo X30 PD1938Driver
Vivo X30 ProDriver
Vivo X30 Pro PD1938Driver
Vivo X510TDriver
Vivo X510WDriver
Vivo X520Driver
Vivo X520 ADriver
Vivo X520 BDriver
Vivo X520FDriver
Vivo X710FDriver
Vivo X710LDriver
Vivo Xplay 5Driver
Vivo Xplay 5 EliteDriver
Vivo XPlay 5ADriver
Vivo Xplay 5SDriver
Vivo Xplay 6Driver
Vivo Xplay3SDriver
Vivo Xplay6Driver
Vivo XshotDriver
Vivo Xshot EliteDriver
Vivo Xshot UltimateDriver
Vivo Y3Driver
Vivo Y3 Standard EditionDriver
Vivo Y3 Standard V1930ADriver
Vivo Y3 Standard V1930TDriver
Vivo Y3 V1901ADriver
Vivo Y3 V1901TDriver
Vivo Y5Driver
Vivo Y5SDriver
Vivo Y5s V1934ADriver
Vivo Y5s V1934TDriver
Vivo Y9SDriver
Vivo Y9S V1945ADriver
Vivo Y9S V1945TDriver
Vivo Y11Driver
Vivo Y11 (2019)Driver
Vivo Y11iTDriver
Vivo Y11TDriver
Vivo Y12Driver
Vivo Y13Driver
Vivo Y13iLDriver
Vivo Y13LDriver
Vivo Y15Driver
Vivo Y15SDriver
Vivo Y17Driver
Vivo Y17 Neo PD1913FDriver
Vivo Y17 PD1901DFDriver
Vivo Y17wDriver
Vivo Y18LDriver
Vivo Y19Driver
Vivo Y19 1915Driver
Vivo Y19 PD1934FDriver
Vivo Y19TDriver
Vivo Y20Driver
Vivo Y21Driver
Vivo Y21LDriver
Vivo Y22Driver
Vivo Y22iL PD1309BLDriver
Vivo Y22LDriver
Vivo Y23LDriver
Vivo Y25Driver
Vivo Y25 4GDriver
Vivo Y27Driver
Vivo Y27LDriver
Vivo Y28Driver
Vivo Y28LDriver
Vivo Y29LDriver
Vivo Y31Driver
Vivo Y31ADriver
Vivo Y33Driver
Vivo Y35Driver
Vivo Y35ADriver
Vivo Y37Driver
Vivo Y37ADriver
Vivo Y3TDriver
Vivo Y50Driver
Vivo Y51Driver
Vivo Y51ADriver
Vivo Y51LDriver
Vivo Y51L PD1510FDriver
Vivo Y53Driver
Vivo Y53iDriver
Vivo Y55Driver
Vivo Y55LDriver
Vivo Y55sDriver
Vivo Y55S 1610Driver
Vivo Y65Driver
Vivo Y66Driver
Vivo Y66 MT6750Driver
Vivo Y66iDriver
Vivo Y67Driver
Vivo Y69Driver
Vivo Y69 1714Driver
Vivo Y71Driver
Vivo Y71iDriver
Vivo Y73Driver
Vivo Y75Driver
Vivo Y75sDriver
Vivo Y79Driver
Vivo Y7sDriver
Vivo Y81Driver
Vivo Y81 1803Driver
Vivo Y81 1808Driver
Vivo Y81 V1732ADriver
Vivo Y81iDriver
Vivo Y81sDriver
Vivo Y83Driver
Vivo Y83 ProDriver
Vivo Y85Driver
Vivo Y89Driver
Vivo Y90Driver
Vivo Y90 1908Driver
Vivo Y90 PD1917FDriver
Vivo Y91Driver
Vivo Y91 1811Driver
Vivo Y91 MT6762Driver
Vivo Y913Driver
Vivo Y91CDriver
Vivo Y91iDriver
Vivo Y91i PD1818GFDriver
Vivo Y923Driver
Vivo Y93Driver
Vivo Y93 IndiaDriver
Vivo Y93 LiteDriver
Vivo Y93 Standard EditionDriver
Vivo Y93sDriver
Vivo Y95Driver
Vivo Y97Driver
Vivo Y613FDriver
Vivo Y623Driver
Vivo Y628Driver
Vivo Z1Driver
Vivo Z1 ProDriver
Vivo Z1 Pro 1918Driver
Vivo Z1 Pro 1951Driver
Vivo Z1 Pro PD1911FDriver
Vivo Z1 Youth EditionDriver
Vivo Z1iDriver
Vivo Z1xDriver
Vivo Z1X 1917Driver
Vivo Z1X PD1921FDriver
Vivo Z3Driver
Vivo Z3 V1813BADriver
Vivo Z3iDriver
Vivo Z3xDriver
Vivo Z5Driver
Vivo Z5 V1921ADriver
Vivo Z5 V1921TDriver
Vivo Z5iDriver
Vivo Z5xDriver
Vivo Z5X V1911ADriver
Vivo Z5X V1919Driver
Vivo Z5X V1919ADriver
Vivo Z6 5GDriver
Vivo Z6 5G V1963ADriver
Vivo Z10Driver

Android USB Driver For Windows 7 Free Download

In the event that you can’t manage the manual download and installation, feel free to use DriverTalent. It is an app that can manage everything automatically. With this app alone, you don’t have to worry about the manual method because DriverTalent will do it for you! Pretty handy, huh?

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Watch Video Tutorial About Android USB Driver

How do I install Vivo USB drivers?

The steps shown above are the general steps to install the Vivo USB drivers. However, some of the beginner users are probably confused with the detailed step-by-step procedures. Not all users are familiar with the basic systems of how the software works – or how to manage the installation. So, here it goes!

  • Although there are many website sources that you can consult for the download link, you can always go to the official Vivo website.
  • Find your device’s name or number in the event that you don’t really know your device’s numbers or numbers. They DO provide the search option so you can check about your device
  • Once you know your device’s name and number, you need to check for the operating system’s information so you know which drivers will be suitable for your operation. If you already find it, you will find the EXE button in the right-side area. You can click on it.
  • You will see a popup window with the ‘Global Download Center’ title on it. Click on the SEND button.
  • You will see the downloaded popup window. Go with SAVE and then install the process.
  • Run it. Simply follow the provided directions until the process completes.
  • Restart your computer. By this time, you should be able to use the driver and manage it between the mobile device and your computer.