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Does Simply Doing an ATI Driver Download Update Cure Malfunctioning Issues?

The false conception that simply uninstalling an outdated ATI driver will replace all the old files you had should end now. We have laid tips on how to successfully uninstall your ATI driver manually and get rid of file overlapping.

ATI Driver Download Update

Make sure you:

• Have a registry cleaner.
• Have the necessary drivers (ATI driver download from the website). here
• Run your pc in safe mode (press f8 on startup).


• Uninstall everything that has to do with your ATI product. Don’t reboot until everything is uninstalled.
• Delete these directories while in safe mode (only the ones you have):
C:\Program Files\ATI Multimedia
C:\Program Files\ATI Technology
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Raviscent Shared
• Clean up C:\Windows\Temp directory
• Go to C: Windows\system32 directory. Right-click header, look for Company, double-click and delete all files that link to ATI. Do this as well for C: Windows\system32\drivers directory.
• In the C:\Windows\inf directory, delete any file that starts with ATI. Check out all files named oemxx.inf and the corresponding .pnf file and delete everything associated with ATI.
• Run your registry cleaner to delete all ATI entries.
• Empty your recycle bin.
• If you are using WinXP, unplug or disable your internet connection for a bit.
• Reboot.
• The updated ATI driver download you got should be installed now.

ATI Mobility Radeon

This is a surefire process but time-consuming. Fortunately, if you are not down doing this method, there are automatic driver update software programs that you can purchase or get for free but it is advisable you go for the paid ware just to be sure. This driver update software will check all your computer’s drivers, including an ATI driver download for updating, uninstall the remnants of your old driver and replace them with a new one, saving you from this gory process.

There are a lot of them on the internet so don’t even worry about trying to find them. This way, you will rest assured that all your drivers will be updated without going to the website of your respective hardware drivers and in this case, to do an ATI driver download update by yourself.

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