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Choosing Between Manual and Automatic Driver Updates

Developers do regular tweaks and modifications regularly with their hardware and drivers and missing this may cause system incompatibility. Keeping your drivers up to date is necessary but the question is, would you go for manual or automatic driver updates? Read on and decide.

Manual and Automatic Driver Updates?

Choosing Between Manual and Automatic Driver Updates

Most computer experts can’t even consider Microsoft automatic driver updates as an option, but since it is also a way, maybe it should be included here. With all honesty, using this is like having a trip for an adventure in malware and spyware land. That is enough said, so it is strongly suggested that you never use this.

If you are feeling buffed, you can go and scan your computer by yourself for any drivers that need some updating. The option of going through all your drivers, noting their make and models, going to the respective websites which offer patches, and updating them one by one alone sounds a bit gory. But of course, if you have a lot of free time and are sure of what you are doing, this may sound like a good option.

Driver Updates

If the above doesn’t work for you, thank your lucky stars because there is an external program that can do automatic driver updates for you. Driver scanners do the dirty work of checking up your computer hardware drivers and automatically downloading updates if deemed necessary. Not only that, but they also offer automatic installation so all you have to do is run them regularly and invest a few clicks. Now, that is easy.

The stuff that you always have to keep watch on your computer so it will run in its optimum performance are just basically three things: An anti-virus and spyware program that you run frequently, a registry cleaner to check out broken, missing and corrupted files in your registry and updated drivers, using an automatic driver updates program or not. All of these should be done regularly and should be a part of your normal optimization toolkit for full speed and maximized PC satisfaction.

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