How to Add Chinese Input on Mac Mountain Lion

For Mac beginner users who switched from Windows, I am sure you just cannot familiarize yourself with all the “alien features” in Mac for the first week. It took me one week to master the basic features in Mac especially with Apple’s latest operating system (OS)-Mountain Lion. So as today, I am going to show you how to add Chinese input on the Mountain-Lion-installed Mac or Macbook.

How to Add Chinese Input on iMac Mountain Lion

Switching from English to Chinese input is extremely easy if and only if you know the way or else end up searching over the entire web for the whole day. Simply follow the step below to add Chinese input on Mac.

How to Add Chinese Input on Mac Mountain Lion:

  1. Open “System Preference”, under “Language & Text”
  2. Go to the “Input Source”, select “Chinese Simplified”. You may choose more than one input method.
  3. After selection, proceed to the “Keyboard Shortcuts” on the same page. Under the “Spotlight” tab, uncheck the “Show Spotlight search field”
  4. Under the “Keyboard & Text” tab, check “Select previous input source”
  5. By now, you should able to switch to Chinese input by simply press “Command+Space”.

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