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ATI Graphics Drivers – Upgrades, Downloads, Information and More

ATI is a subsidiary of AMD which develops and produces graphical processing units, also commonly known as video cards. ATI was founded in 1985 as Array Technologies Incorporated, the graphical hardware giant has maintained, throughout its history, an industry standard of excellence in the development and innovation of unique and cutting-edge graphical and video.

ATI Graphics Drivers

ATI Graphics Driver (Windows 7 32bit/64bit)

Following the merger of ATI and AMD in 2006, the combined efforts of both companies have displayed some of the finest video cards and graphical hardware devices available on the market. One of the most prominent of all their products, the Radeon line of video cards has enjoyed over a decade of success amongst computer users. After years of research and development, the Radeon card has become one of the best multi-purpose graphical hardware devices. AMD retained the ATI brand through August of 2010 and continues to support ATI Graphics Drivers.

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A video card or graphical processing unit is a computer hardware appliance that interprets graphical signals and reproduces them as images on the display unit. The video card is responsible for alleviating all graphical processing tasks from the central processing unit (CPU) so the unit can more efficiently handle processing tasks and improve the performance of the computer as a whole.

AMD Radeon graphics driver

Although ATI/AMD are specialists in designing and manufacturing hardware, they also develop software components for their hardware which create functionality for the device and bridges the compatibility gap between hardware and software. These small software components are called graphics drivers. A driver contains all of the interfacing and operating instructions for a hardware device. ATI Graphics Drivers instruct the ATI video hardware device on how to communicate with the other hardware devices which make up a computer and with the operating system which the user interfaces with.

ATI developers attempt to improve the performance of the existing ATI video device by making changes to the graphics drivers which will allow them to operate more efficiently and with increased compatibility. Additionally, ATI supports users who attempt to create their own enhanced graphics drivers for ATI video cards by offering open-source tools for writing graphics drivers. This network of professional and amateur graphics driver developers has allowed ATI to “catalyze” the increased performance, speed, and quality of their existing hardware.

ATI graphics driver download

When updating your ATI graphics drivers, you can install drivers manually, or use an automated update tool. Manually updating can be problematic if done incorrectly. Using the wrong driver or installing a driver that has a conflict with your other devices can create error messages or cause your computer to lose functionality. To avoid these problems, you can use a program that automatically finds the right drivers based on your computer system’s unique profile.


Since a computer requires an exact driver configuration to work right, and there are potentially other devices on your computer that need to be updated first, it’s important to update all of your drivers when installing ATI graphics drivers.

AMD drivers windows 10

If you are experiencing problems with your computer display or ATI video card, the problem is likely to be caused by issues with the ATI graphics drivers. Video cards are under constant use during the operation of a computer. Due to the complex nature of its task, a graphics driver can begin to produce errors and problems from normal use over time. If the driver is out-of-date or corrupt, it may malfunction and produce unexpected results on the display. Signs and symptoms of errors and problems include…

Anomalies in the display.
Irregular rendering of graphical elements.
Random display black-outs that are temporary and indefinite.
Error messages that pertain to the ATI video card.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues with your computer display, the ATI video card could be damaged or there is a problem with the ATI graphics driver itself. ATI graphics driver problems can arise for a number of reasons. Most often, the ATI graphics driver is out-of-date and needs to be updated. Other causes of ATI graphics driver failure include…

The driver is missing or corrupt.
The driver is out-of-date.
Attempting to run a graphically intensive application with an outdated video driver.
Attempting to run an application that surpasses the capabilities of the device.
A previous attempt to update the driver failed.
The device is damaged or broken.

The first and best step to take to troubleshoot problems with the ATI video card is to update the graphics drivers. Updating the driver will often correct any and all problems that an ATI video card produces.

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