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Why my Acer Laptop Wireless Networking is Not Working?

Are you having an Acer laptop and facing wireless networking issues then the said problem may have arisen because any of the following points. Most of the time the problem of wireless networking disappear if the user reboots their setting of the network in an Acer laptop. But if the issue quiet prevails then you have to look into the following areas.

  1. Reboot settings regarding network in Laptop
  2. Is your wireless connection is having an issue in itself
  3. AlteredLaptop Network settings
  4. Is the driver for the wireless network is non-existent or you may using corrupt or outdated wireless drivers
  5. Problem with the Wireless Connection
  6. Ensure that the vendor’s Wireless Utility is Not running together with the native utility of

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1: Reboot your network settings:

    • Access“control panel”.
    • Choose the option named as “Network and Internet” and it selects Network and Sharing”.
    • click option “Manage Wireless Networks“.
    • Remove the complete list of wireless Networks available by “right-clicking” on it.
    • After completion, reboot the computer.
    • Scan for the “WiFi networks” after the rebooting of a computer.
    • select any available network you want to use and select “connect”.
    • It can now be connected.

2: AlteredLaptop Network settings

Most of the time there is a “Wireless” button from the “network setting” of the Acer laptops which is turned off. Users may not be aware of it.this may be coincidentally or because of a lack of knowledge.

Here is the solution to this problem.

  • Go to “control panel”
  • Select Network and Internet”
  • Go to “Network Connections”
  • Right-click on the “Wireless Network” connection and select the “Enable” option from the drop-down menu.

It is very simple as that.



3: Is the driver for the wireless networks is non- existent in your laptop or you are using a corrupt/outdated wireless driver?

Well, If, you have checkered your setting for the wireless network and you are confirmed this is not the part where the problem lies. But you are still facing network problems then there are high chances that the problem is in “Acer Wireless Driver”. This can be possible that the wireless driver is entirely missing or it is corrupt or out-dated. It is extremely appreciated for drivers to be kept up-to-date.

In these cases, the user may

  • Firstly, download and install the said driver.
  • Secondly, the driver update tool can be used to update the driver.

Manual Installation Of Driver

For the manual installation of the driver, it can be downloaded from the Acer website. In addition to it, it can be installed using a  CD/DVD by following the given steps.

  • Insert the driver disc in CD- ROM
  • Follow instructions appearing on the screen.

1: Problem with the Wireless Connection

To eliminate this problem you have to connect your computer by using another device. If the device connects to the other device then this is not an issue you are facing.
If this approach doesn’t either work either then check if your laptop work thorough Ethernet.if it works then it means your WIFI card is gone. Replace it.

This can be performed in the following way:

  1. Go to “setting” option
  2. Select “Network & Security”
  3. choose “WIFI”
  4. Click “manage known networks”
  5. Choose the “wifi” network you want to remove.
  6. Right-click that option and click the “Forget” button.
  7. Close the window
  8. Reboot your computer
  9. After the laptop is reloaded again open “setting”.
  10. choose “Network & Security” and after that select”WiFi” option
  11. Click “manage known networks”.
  12. Choose the option as “add a New network”
  13. Then write the name of the network.
  14. Select network security type from the drop-down
  15. Check “Connect automatically” and “connect even if the network is not broadcasting” and save changes.

After these changes, the particular network within this range will connect automatically.

Driver Detective


2: Ensure that the vendor’s Wireless Utility is Not running together with the native utility

You must make sure that no firewall is preventing wireless elements to get into the network. If the above-mentioned information is correct then use another computer to connect to the network through wire.disable wireless security. In this process, the wireless broadcast must be on, then again connect.

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