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Is your computer too slow? Download the free Driver Booster Pro scanner to identify problems and fix them instantly!

Fast, Easy Driver Update Scan

Click the green ‘download now’ button above to scan your system and download all the latest driver updates.

If you’re having problems with your computer’s hardware or connected peripherals, then you could have a problem with the device drivers.

Or, if you know the driver that you need, but you just can find the correct version anywhere- then this top-notch Driver tool is for you.

This software is updated every day and has a  10 Million+ driver database Download Driver Booster Pro.

Updating Drivers is the Easiest way to Fix Problems

Device drivers can cause numerous problems including continuous program error alerts, malfunctioning devices, blue screen errors, system reboots, various software problems, and performance issues.

If you recently installed a new device or software, it could interfere with other devices that were previously fine. This could be because the devices or software conflict with each other or even the new installation could’ve overwritten necessary device driver files like DLL files.

How do I Update all my Computer Device Drivers?

Computers need several basic things in order to function including power, an operating system, hardware, and software. In order for all of the operating systems to know what’s installed in the machine and how to work with it, device drivers are required. Read more.

Download the Scanner and Check for Driver Updates

Whenever you have any problem with hardware, one of the first steps is to check the device driver. If your hardware is acting up, you need a device driver scan! Download our free driver scan and find out if your hardware issues are related to faulty or out-of-date device drivers.

Driver Booster Pro is really in a class of its own when it comes to automatic driver updates. We have tested 6 other popular programs in this space- but none even come close!

Download this driver tool – you’ll be impressed!